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Cat Frozen To The Ground, Barely Alive, Rescued

Cat Frozen To The Ground, Barely Alive, Rescued

Jenay Chartier, an employee of Macomb County Public Works, discovered a cat in desperate need of help in a cul-de-sac north of Detroit. Upon examining the cat, she found the back paws, a front paw and tail were frozen and stuck in the snow. She managed to free the little black cat using towels and water and brought it with her to work for the remaining hour of her shift.

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Cat That Went Missing 9 Years Ago in California is Found in Idaho

Harriet, a short-haired tabby cat disappeared nine years ago in California and was found in Idaho on September 19, 2022 thanks to a microchip and a couple of good Samaritans! Harriet, previously lived at a California ranch with her owner, when she disappeared nearly a...

Michigan Man’s Cats Hold New Guinness World Records

Will Powers, a physician from Farmington Hills, Michigan has two Guinness World Record holder cats: one for being the tallest and the other for having the longest tail on record. And Will has a history of owning big felines. Two of his previous cats had held the...

Tiny Cats, Big Attitude: 9 Small Wild Cats And The Fierce Lives They Lead

We love lions, cheetahs, tigers and all the rest of their big cat counterparts, but we think it’s time for them to share the spotlight with their smaller, lesser-known relatives. From the smallest wild cat species in the world to a cat who resembles a lemur, let’s...


  Meet Kizzy! Her owner, Pam, from the U.K. sent me a picture of her the other day (we get a lot of pictures of cats over here - and we love all of them!!) Pam mentioned that Kizzy is her 27 year old tortoise shell cat who is hoping to celebrate 28 years in...