Michigan Man’s Cats Hold New Guinness World Records

Will Powers, a physician from Farmington Hills, Michigan has two Guinness World Record holder cats: one for being the tallest and the other for having the longest tail on record.

And Will has a history of owning big felines. Two of his previous cats had held the record before dying in a tragic house fire that sent Powers into a spiraling depression. His cats, named Fenrir Antares Powers and Altair Cygnus Powers, are the current record-holders for the largest living cats in terms of height and tail length. Fenrir Antarer is a Savannah breed and Altair Cygnus is a Maine Coon cat breed.

When asked about Fenrir in an interview with Guinness World Records, Powers said “Call him the Big Chungus or the Chonk, he just grew and grew like Clifford the Big Red Dog.” Fenrir is 18.83 inches tall and spends some of his time as a therapy animal at Powers’ office serving his patients. For those who don’t know, Savannah cats are hybrid cat breed that results from mating an African Serval and a house cat. Servals are wild cats and not suitable as pets.

“Call him the Big Chungus or the Chonk, he just grew and grew like Clifford the Big Red Dog.”

Will nicknamed his Maine Coon, Altair, ‘The Floofus” due to his long and very fluffy tail which measures an impressive 16.07 inches (and is still growing). Altair is a snuggle-bug according to Powers, but sometimes he is too embarrassed or shy to play.

Watch the video to see these really cool cats in action along with their five other siblings and a beautiful house.

Tallest cat living – Guinness World Records

Subscribe || https://gwr.co/YT-Sub Favourites || http://gwr.co/YT-Favs After a devastating house fire in 2017, Will Powers thought he may never own another cat again. However, when he heard that his beloved cats had now had siblings, he was all in.

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