“SWAT Cat” as she’s affectionately known by the Boston Police Department just moved into her new, permanent home at the Police Base in Roxbury. The officers and the Boston Police Department have been selected by SWAT cat as their new mascot. This beautiful calico has been hanging around since 2013 and she and the officers have become fast friends.

SWAT Cat laying on a vehicle in the sun

SWAT Cat hanging out with the Boston Police

SWAT Cat Disappears

However SWAT cat went missing back in December 2015 and her absence was noticed by many.

Said one police officer, “She had become part of the family. But it’s sad, she’s not there. It’s like going to work and not seeing a well-liked coworker.”


Condo designed for SWAT cat of Boston Police Department

SWAT Cats new home at the Boston Police Department


Cat Comes Back One Month Later

The police had sent out a release regarding their missing friend and it wasn’t more than a month later, in January 2016 that SWAT cat reappeared. She didn’t seem herself, however, so the police sought veterinary care and Dr. Castillo of Franklin Veterinary Clinic treated her free of charge and nursed her back to health.

SWAT Cat Gets a Permanent Home

To make sure this calico beauty knows she is a beloved member of the BPD family, they decided to build a condo just for her. One officer in particular, Officer Jamie Pietroski, worked late into the night for several nights preparing her new home. SWAT cat’s new home is very specious and includes a large deck for dining outdoors as well as sliding glass doors for pristine views of the city.

The officers must have done a great job because on February 10, 2017, she moved right in and she appears to be thrilled with her new kitty condo accommodations!

A big thank you to the kind officers of the Boston Police Department for showing so much compassion and opening your hearts to this beautiful girl!

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