Larry The Cat from 10 Downing Street Chases Fox Away

Larry the cat – Chief Mouser of “Number 10” has been busy of late. While his normal duties at 10 Downing Street in London are to chase off mice and test out the sleeping quality and comfort of the residence’s furniture – he took on a new challenge – a wayward fox!

Larry was recently caught on video chasing off a fox at the Prime Minister’s residence and executive office in London. At first, Larry slowly approaches the fox and encourages him to move away…and then he quickly enters into a sprint, chasing furiously after the fox. The score? Larry – 1, Fox – 0.

Watch the video of Larry chasing the fox here:

Larry the cat chases off fox outside No 10 downing street

Larry the cat, who serves as chief mouser to the Cabinet Office, has been captured on camera chasing a fox from outside the Prime Minister’s Downing Street residence. Subscribe to The Telegraph with our special offer: just £1 for 3 months.

Larry was rescued from a shelter in 2011 and has been a great employee and steward for Number 10.

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Larry the cat moves into Downing St

Downing Street has a new occupant - a street-smart character with a licence to kill.Larry the cat has been brought in to the British Prime Minister's official residence to clean up a gang of rats who have been openly parading in front of the TV cameras.He had lately been living