kitten in hammock

The Catnip Times delivers news, pictures, stories, tips and the laughs you want from the felines you love.   Started in 2012 and based in Chicago, Illinois, The Catnip Times’ mission is to educate, enlighten and provide loads of feel-good moments.   We have an ever-growing fan base of nearly a half million cat lovers spanning every corner of the globe.  It’s a place where peace on earth really does exist; where everyone can agree on one thing:  we love being owned by our cats.

While we love to have fun, we have a serious side too. We advocate for the following causes:

  • Anti-cruelty – The humane treatment of cats and all animals. We frequently publish and advocate for animals in an abusive situation and provide resources to help people take action against animal cruelty in their communities.
  • Spay/Neuter – Spaying and neutering pets is the best way to combat pet overpopulation and to reduce the overall number of healthy pets, with numbers in the millions, being euthanized because there simply aren’t enough homes.
  • TNR – Trap, Neuter, Release programs are the best way to control feral and stray cat populations. Under the supervision of colony caretakers, feral cats can live happy lives. TNR is a long-term solution to reducing feral cats.
  • No Declaw Policy – Scratching is a normal and healthy behavior for cats. Today, many solutions and products exist to provide your cat with plenty of places to stretch and scratch their claws. Declawing is a painful and unnecessary surgery that often leads to behavior problems including litter box aversion.
  • Indoor – When possible, please keep your cats indoors. While cats love to roam outside, they often end up in the neighbor’s yard or somewhere in the neighborhood where dangers lurk. The safest place for your cat is inside your home. If your cat must go outside, please consider building a catio. Make the inside of your house interesting by providing places for your cat to climb and explore.
  • Make Adoption Your First Option – The world is filled with so many beautiful cats. More than 70 breeds exist – each one of them delightful in its own right. If you have a breed preference, be sure that you check sites like to locate the breed your seeking, and an animal that is waiting for its forever home. With millions of cats euthanized every year due to the lack of home, please consider saving a life through adoption.