Jan 14, 2012


Hi there! I’m Lauren Mieli, the founder and creator of The Catnip Times. I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband and our 7 crazy cats! It’s definitely a crazy cat life – and while my limit for cats was always set at “3” – we took in a stray momma cat and her 4 kittens during the housing downturn in 2011. We fostered them through a rescue with the hopes to rehome them but due to the economic conditions at the time – they weren’t able to be placed. We had them all spayed, neutered, vaccinated, etc. Eleven years and a long story short – we are still “fostering” them. 

How Did The Catnip Times Get Its Start?

Deciding to start this blog was a decision I made originally for my career to keep up on trends with marketing, content and social media – my chosen profession. I chose the topic of cats because I’ve had “a lifelong obsession” with them and everyone else’s (cat owners can relate). I never actually thought anyone would read it.

I remember being on Facebook and seeing all of my friends posting about their kids and thinking that they would probably “defriend” me if I posted as many pictures of my cats… so I started a Facebook page to do that and today it has over 800,000 followers (plus a strong following on Instagram).”

In addition to managing The Catnip Times, I’m the Founder of Meow Meetup Chicago Cat Festival in Chicago and PetFolio, a SAAS product for cat owners… which eventually was expanded to dog owners by request. I am also an active volunteer with a local animal rescue and have done so for well over a decade. 

About The Catnip Times Blog

The Catnip Times is a cat lifestyle and advocacy site, designed to strengthen the bond between humans and the cats who own them. My goal in doing this was to destigmatize cats and bust the myriad myths that have followed cats and the people who love them, unfairly for centuries. 

Launched in 2012, The Catnip Times has become a leading source of quality information for cat owners seeking the latest information about cats. It may sound cliché but The Catnip Times seemed to take on a life of its own gaining tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands of followers. My own cats have served as the main inspiration for content and as the blog grew, I’ve listened to our community for feedback and ideas.

Today, inspiration for the blog comes from my own cats, and real cat owners in the cat community one million followers strong. I think that many cat owners are looking for real-life advice and solutions because they want to provide the very best life possible for their cats. 

What Does The Catnip Times Advocate For?


The humane treatment of cats and all animals. We frequently publish and advocate for animals in an abusive situation and provide resources to help people take action against animal cruelty in their communities.


Spaying and neutering pets is the best way to combat pet overpopulation and to reduce the overall number of healthy pets, with numbers in the millions, being euthanized because there simply aren’t enough homes.


Trap, Neuter, Release programs are the best way to control feral and stray cat populations. Under the supervision of colony caretakers, feral cats can live happy lives. TNR is a long-term solution to reducing feral cats.

No Declaw Policy

Scratching is a normal and healthy behavior for cats. Today, many solutions and products exist to provide your cat with plenty of places to stretch and scratch their claws. Declawing is a painful and unnecessary surgery that often leads to behavior problems including litter box aversion.

Keep Cats Indoors

When possible, please keep your cats indoors. While cats love to roam outside, they often end up in the neighbor’s yard or somewhere in the neighborhood where dangers lurk. The safest place for your cat is inside your home. If your cat must go outside, please consider building a catio. Make the inside of your house interesting by providing places for your cat to climb and explore.

Make Adoption Your First Option

The world is filled with so many beautiful cats. More than 70 breeds exist – each one of them delightful in its own right. If you have a breed preference, be sure that you check sites like Petfinder.com to locate the breed your seeking, and an animal that is waiting for its forever home. With millions of cats euthanized every year due to the lack of home, please consider saving a life through adoption.



TV/Radio Appearances

Featured on WGN TV and Radio, WSHE FM, CBS


Featured on podcasts such as Pet Lady Radio Network and EPN


Featured in print publications like The Daily Herald, Chicago Reader, IdeaMensch and many others


  • Partnered with top pet brands including Purina, Mars, Arm & Hammer, Skoon, Stella & Chewy’s and many, many others
  • Hired as a social media influencer by top brands to test and share pet products and new innovations in the pet industry.

Celebrity Interviews

Interviewed a number of celebrities including Angela Kinsey (The Office) and Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU)

Other highlights

  • Chosen as best cat blog by numerous peer bloggers
  • Reached 1MM+ followers on our website and social media platforms


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