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Larry The Cat Shines At Rishi Sunak’s Address

Our good ‘ole pal, Larry the Cat, is at it again!

This time, Larry the Cat stood by and stole the show as Britain’s new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, was making an address to the public. Larry was the star (as per usual) making an appearance and catching the attention of onlookers and reporters.

Larry The Cat from 10 Downing Street Chases Fox Away

Larry the cat - Chief Mouser of "Number 10" has been busy of late. While his normal duties at 10 Downing Street in London are to chase off mice and test out the sleeping quality and comfort of the residence's furniture - he took on a new challenge - a wayward fox!...

Michigan Man’s Cats Hold New Guinness World Records

Will Powers, a physician from Farmington Hills, Michigan has two Guinness World Record holder cats: one for being the tallest and the other for having the longest tail on record. And Will has a history of owning big felines. Two of his previous cats had held the...

Inside The Mind Of A Cat On Netflix

"Inside The Mind of a Cat" is a quick (67 minute) family-friendly documentary film directed by Andy Mitchell that takes a look at new research that has given behaviorists and cat people new insights into how their furry friends behave. Through interviews with behavior...