Fancy Feast’s “Gatto Bianco” Restaurant Inspired by Cat Food

Fancy Feast is opening a New York City Italian restaurant, Gatto Bianco, which means “White Cat” in Italian, to celebrate its “Medleys” cat food line. You read that correctly. Fancy Feast is expanding into feline-inspired human cuisine. The menu was designed by Fancy Feast’s in-house chef, Amanda Hassner, and New York restauranteur Cesare Casella.

The trattoria will only be open on August 11-12, 2022. Unfortunately, the experience is only open to a very select few. Only 16 guests will get to try the cat-food-inspired Fancy Feast menu, gratis.

To read the original article first published by CNN, read below.

Cat lovers can try cat-food inspired dishes at Fancy Feast’s Italian pop-up

Cat food brand Fancy Feast is expanding into feline-inspired human cuisine, with a New York City Italian restaurant designed to celebrate the company’s new line.

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