Cats have been ruling the internet for years and 2015 was no exception. The internet is where cat lovers across the world find common ground in their love for cats. As you browse through the stories of 2015, the strength and grace of our beloved feline friends and family shine through. Cats are amazing animals, pets and companions.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite stories from the past year. What was your favorite or most memorable cat story of 2015?

  • Cat Bros – The term was coined to describe cats that high-five their humans.
  • Bart the “Miracle Cat” – Bart is a 2-year old cat that was buried alive when his humans thought he was dead after being hit by a car. This amazing cat clawed his way out of the grave and is thriving after months of rehabilitation.
  • Tony the Hero Fire Cat – Tony is a remarkable cat that saved his owner, Robin Lawsons, from a devastating fire. Tony was lost and severely injured in the fire, but firefighters risked their own lives and were able to find him, rescue him and resuscitate him. This story will make you cry.
  • Music for Cats – Cats have a preference for their own music! Researchers at the University of Wisconsin conducted humane research to determine what types of music cats prefer. They came up with their own special cat “mewsic.”
  • Justice for Tiger – In April, Texas veterinarian, Kristen Lindsey, killed a cat in her backyard in Brenham, Texas and proudly posted the photo on. Boasting about her “first bow kill,” her post was met with outrage. People from around the world signed petitions to bring justice for tiger with over half a million signatures gathered. Lindsey later claimed that the cat was a feral, trying to rationalize despicable act of cruelty. The Texas DA, Travis Koehn, failed to bring charges against her, but in October, the Texas Veterinary Board of Examiners revoked her license. Lindsey is appealing the decision.
  • CatConLA – Los Angeles was the host of the first-ever conference for cat lovers.
  • Catnip Ban (Feared) in Britain – In June, the British Parliament banned psychoactive substances, leaving catnip enthusiasts worried that catnip could be banned and British moggies might be deprived of one of their favorite pastimes.
  • Tama the StationMaster Cat Dies – Tama was the beloved cat stationmaster of Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture for many years, until she passed away in June 2015 at the age of 16. The station was in financial trouble before naming Tama the stationmaster in 2007.  After Tama took over, the Kishi Station not only became profitable, they saw revenues soar from people wanting to visit just to see Tama. A formal funeral was held to remember Tama with a huge outpouring of love and respect.
  • Cats Collaborate for #BrusselsLockdown – After the horrific attacks in Paris, Belgian officials asked residents to refrain from using social media in an effort to prevent inadvertent tip-offs of critical operations. The people of Belgium responded by tweeting pictures of cats using the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown.
  • Cat Owners Agree: Your Cat’s Head Smells Delicious – A Japanese company claimed to have captured the wonderful aroma of a cat’s head in a perfume spray or “fabric water.” The head of Yamamoto Perfumery, Mr. Yamamoto himself, spent four months of series research, going from cat cafe to cat cafe sniffing different feline’s heads.

Was there another cat story or trend you loved in 2015? Please share in the comments!

Happy Mew Year! We look forward to celebrating cats with you in 2016!