Texas veterinarian, Kristen Lindsey, killed a cat in her neighborhood in Brenham, Texas and proudly posted the photo on Facebook on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  Lindsey claimed that the cat was a feral, but it has since been discovered that the cat was someone’s pet.  It was likely an elderly neighbor’s cat named Tiger who happened to go missing the same day that Lindsey posted her gruesome photo.  Whether the cat was a feral or not doesn’t matter.  The act was disgusting, reprehensible – despicable.

The photo is graphic

[VIEWER WARNING-GRAPHIC], and I will not post it here.  It is a picture of the so-called veterinarian, someone who is supposed to care for animals, holding up the dead cat with an arrow in it’s head like a wet rag.  She proudly proclaims (with “lol”, and crying funny emoticons):

“My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award … Gladly accepted.”

Facebook Post by Kristen Lindsey

Kristen Lindsey’s Facebook Post

This behavior is obviously unacceptable to anyone with any conscience and sense of morality – especially a veterinarian.  There’s not much else to say or add here.  Speechless.

What you can do:

Social media and the internet have the power to amplify voices and bring about meaningful change.  Let your opinion be known in a respectful way.

1.  Sign the petition to have Kristen Lindsey banned from ever working with animals again by revoking her vet license.  Other petitions are out there, but this one seems to have gained more steam than the others… but feel free to sign all of them.

2. Join the Facebook page dedicated to this cause “Justice for Cat Murdered by Kristen Lindsey

3.  Write (RESPECTFULLY) to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-810, Austin, TX to have Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license revoked.

4.  You can let the Austin County Sheriff know how you feel as well – but again, keep it respectful.  They are working the case, gathering evidence and following the judicial process which takes time.  They have a Facebook page that is easy to find, but they have been inundated with phone calls that have been interfering with EMS and other services…  Knowing this, I would leave a respectful, coherent message on their Facebook page or email them.

5. Contact the Austin County Criminal District Attorney: Travis Koehn, One East Main, Bellville, TX 77418 Phone; (979) 865-5911 Ext. 2627 or (979) 865-5933 Fax: (865)5828 Email: [email protected] – Mr. Koehn will decide whether or not to prosecute Ms. Lindsey.  Please be respectful if you choose to contact his office.  Again, anything less undermines the cause and will not serve to get justice for Tiger.

6. Keep the conversation alive in the social media. Use the hashtags #JusticeForTiger, #IAmTiger, and on Tuesday April 21, 2015 – the whole social media community is coming together for #IAmTigerTuesday!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In researching this issue, I have seen some people (none of our readers, thankfully) sending hate mail, making threats, and inflammatory comments.  While it is very understandable that this issue is very sensitive and emotions are running very high, I am asking each of our readers to please refrain from any inflammatory remarks.  If you want to be taken seriously, and your voice to be heard, please act responsibly.  Do not make threats or defamatory comments.

Doing such only serves to undermine the support for Tiger or “Kitty Doe” who needs your rational voice to help stop people like Kristen Lindsey from getting away with murdering an innocent cat and bragging about the murder on social media.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and helping get justice for Kitty Doe.


Sound off! Tell us what you think!


  1. ana peters

    This parasitic human should be put in.jail for murder, a

  2. melisa goodwin

    stupid woman

  3. melisa goodwin

    poor kitty

  4. Elizabeth venable

    Pull her right to practise.

  5. rosale bridgman

    how disgusting and such a crewel act. I am not a cat lover but no animal should be mistreated in any manner or killed in such a way. I cant wait until i can help these innocent creatures from their abusers, No one should be proud that they did such a thing. I agree she should not be allowed to treat any more animals feral or not.

  6. Michele Swartz

    Never let her work with animals again.

  7. Aster White

    I have been rescuing cats for as long as I can remember. I am going on 63 years old now. All of my cats were either picked up from the streets of NYC, pulled out of yards, or carried in from the barn here in Upstate NY. The majority of my rescued cats were Tom’s when I found them. They were so grateful to be taken into a loving home, not having to worry anymore, where/when/what their next meal would be. In 2007 I took in 3 pregnant feral females from the yard where I now reside. When the kittens were born they and their mothers were all spayed and neutered at my own expense (a total of 18 cats). Countless times I had left my newcomers in the hands of various vets for a week at a time for their initial care & cleanup. It never occurred to me that any of my vets would just as soon shoot an arrow through their skull instead of providing the necessary care that they required. Never.
    I am just appalled at the behavior of this “vet”. Someone who has been entrusted with the lives and the care of numerous cats…….. for a fee……… and then, in her spare time, for her recreation (just for fun) to take the life of a cat (that cat might have even been her patient) in such a brutal way !!!! How could she !!! What kind of person is this, that publicly posts photos of this action and then brags about that kind of cruelty. Someone that took an oath to save lives (the poor souls) !!! And instead of saving lives, she murdered just for a laugh (lol) with pride and glee; such brutality!!!
    I read stories on FB of teens, torturing and killing these innocent souls just for a laugh: putting cats in washing machines; lightening them on fire; poking their eyes out , etc. etc. etc. and I sign petition after petition after petition for justice to be served. I never did expect to discover the story of a vet, an educated person, with a license to practice medicine, with a commitment to save lives ….. instead to be committing the same kind of abuse as drug addicts, alcoholics, sociopaths and juvenile criminals. This has to be the worst case of abuse because this is a person who has been trained and committed to behave in the opposite manner. This is not only a case of abuse but a case of a public betrayal. People had trusted her. This is something never to be forgotten. I will always think twice before leaving a cat in the hands of any vet from now on, without my personal presence and/or my personal supervision.

  8. Aster White

    I have been rescuing cats for as long as I can remember. I am nearly 63 years old. The majority of cats that I rescued have been “Toms”. I have rescued them from the streets of Brooklyn, from various back yards, and from the barn where I currently reside. In 2007 I took in 3 pregnant females from the barn and after the kittens were of age, I had a total of 18 cats fixed at my own expense. It never had occurred to me that the vets I’ve used would just as soon shoot an arrow through their skull as provide the necessary treatment they required. Never.
    I have left my rescues in the hand of vets for a week at a time for their initial care and clean-up before bringing them home.
    I am appalled at the behavior of this “vet”. Someone who was entrusted with the lives of numerous cats; someone that took an oath to treat and protect the lives of these poor souls…. instead she took the life of a cat that could have been her patient, in the most brutal way. She was proud of what she did and publicly posted photos of this action, bragging about it. She did it for fun; for a laugh (lol). This is what she does in her spare time, just like the sociopaths that I read about on FB.
    I read stories of teens putting cats in washing machines, setting cats on fire, poking their eyes out…. But this is a far worse case of abuse because this is a VET !!!! This is supposed to be an upstanding citizen. A vet is supposedly an educated person but this vet was someone with some very warped values. This is a far worse case of abuse than others I’ve read about, because it’s not only murder but also a public betrayal. People trusted her with their animals because she was licensed to care for them.
    This is something that can’t be forgiven or forgotten. I will be very reluctant to leave cats in the hands of any of my vets from now on if I can’t be personally present to supervise their care. There is no way of knowing what they’re capable of. They hold the power of life and death. In the end they are just ‘people’ and as such, there is always that element of unpredictability. Not all people love cats. That isn’t a license to commit murder.

  9. Aster White

    I have posted my comment twice already and it isn’t getting recorded. I really do have a lot to say about this !!!

    THE MAIN THING>>>>>>>>>> this is not only a case of abuse but one of public betrayal. People had trusted her with the lives of their cats. People trusted her with their care.

    She murdered a cat that could have been her patient.

    She is a psychopath as she is proud of what she did and brags about it publicly with photos to boot, on FB.

    Her behavior is disgraceful!!!

  10. gloria brady


  11. Lauren Harris

    This is just disgusting!!! How could anyone do this to a innocent cat feral or not!! I hope justice is served!!!!

  12. Beverly Owens

    She need to lose her license be fined heavily and put in jail. This was terrible and cruel.

  13. Benjamin

    Eye for an eye, no charge….Tom’s are given a bad stigma, TNR works on them too….fact

  14. Sherrie

    Not only should she lose her license, but she also should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Also, a civil filed against her.

  15. Debra Fitzgerald

    I hope this petition serves as justice for Tiger but for all animals everywhere. God bless

  16. Rantha Magan

    She is a sick woman n deserves to to be put down. Really

  17. Diane Ficke

    Animal Abuse is now a felony–if Texas LE can’t or won’t take action then I hope the FBI steps in soon in order to get #JusticeforTiger!

  18. Kelley Barabas

    Please revoke her license. This is like a doctor taking a selfie with a person they’ve just killed. Monster.

  19. Sandra G. RUland

    This woman has no business being a veterinarian she cannot even qualify as part of the human race let alone someone who treats animals.


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