Bart, the cat that was hit by a car, buried and clawed his way out of a grave – has taken his first bite of food! Veterinarians indicate that he is still not able to eat enough to sustain himself.  Bart is at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay where he is being treated for his injuries.  Bart has had an eye removed and his jaw repaired and is currently on a feeding tube to ensure he gets the nourishment he needs; veterinarians are encouraged by his progress.

Bart Takes His First Bites!

On February 2, 2015, Bart took his first bites of food since coming to our facility on January 23. He will still need the feeding tube and feedings every 4 h…


In a strange twist of events, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has suggested that they will not return Bart to his owners.  A video allegedly surfaced that puts into question the original story that Bart was not breathing when he was buried.  Bart’s owner insists that Bart appeared stiff and completely dead.  The Hutsons say that Bart was not breathing when they found him and they contend that they love their cat and want him back.  They started a GoFundMe account and have raised $7,000 to pay for Bart’s treatment.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has its own concerns – namely that they want to know that the cat will be kept indoors and aren’t convinced this will be the case.  Additionaly, they feel that the family waited too long to seek treatment for the cat and therefore Bart would be better off in a home that is more capable of caring for him.

The owners, the Hutsons, deny these allegations and state that The Humane Society of Tampa Bay staff that they spoke to, instructed them to bring Bart into their facility the following morning.  The Hutsons had called other vet offices, but could not afford the treatment – so they attempted to treat Bart at home the night before bringing Bart to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay.  Bart’s owners also claim that The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is using Bart as a means to raise funds for their organization.  They insist that as long as Bart remains in their custody, donations continue to pour into their organization.

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Bart the Cat on Humane Society of Tampa Bay website


Should Bart be returned to his owners if they agree to make him an indoor cat?  Should Bart be rehomed?  Is The Humane Society of Tampa Bay trying to capitalize on this unfortunate situation?  Sound off in the comments!