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Litter Mixology: Creating the Perfect Blend for Your Cat’s Litter Box

As a devoted cat parent, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my feline friends happier and our home cleaner. No one wants guests to instantly know they have a cat the moment they step into their home, particularly if the cat is nowhere in sight. One of the challenges I’ve faced over the years is finding the perfect cat litter. Each type of litter I’ve tried has its merits, but none of them are perfect on their own. That’s when I came up with the idea of “litter mixology.”

Lucky Cat Escapes Close Call With Two Pit Bulls

Source: NY Post
In a shocking event that vividly illustrates the unpredictable nature of animal behavior, a quiet neighborhood in Florida became the backdrop for a dramatic confrontation. Two determined dogs, in their relentless pursuit of a cat, caused a staggering $3,000 worth of damage to a car. The Honda, owned by Christie Barr, was attacked (yes, the vehicle was attacked!) because it harbored a terrified feline hidden within its engine compartment. The pair of pitbulls, displaying a surprising level of persistence and strength, managed to tear off the car’s front tire, damage the bumper, fenders, and leave deep teeth marks on its frame—all in an attempt to reach the elusive (and lucky) cat.


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How Cats Alleviate Loneliness

The global pandemic has brought loneliness into sharp focus, shedding light on a long-standing struggle for many. Lockdowns and social distancing have unveiled the emotional toll, underscoring the importance of companionship. In these isolated times, pets, particularly cats, have emerged as silent champions, providing much-needed solace and companionship.


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Devon Rex: Personality, Origin and Health Conditions

The Devon Rex, a feline marvel that's all set to sprinkle some fairy dust into your life! With ears that could rival a bat's radar and curls to make even the most seasoned hairstylist envious, these charming critters are nothing short of a living, purring fantasy novel.

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New Study Suggests Cats and Dogs Experience Feelings Like Humans

A new scientific paper published in October by scientists at Harvard and Texas State University suggests that mammals, like cats and dogs, can experience pleasant or unpleasant feelings associated with the mental representation of an experience or object - this is known as "hedonic valence." Hedonic valence is a psychological term commonly used for the human experience of how a person interprets feelings - either positive or negative.

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Largo di Torre Argentina: Where History Meets Cat Sanctuary

Nestled amidst the timeless beauty of Rome lies a treasure trove that marries history with the heartwarming presence of ‘gatti,’ or cats in Italian. The Area Sacra in Largo di Torre Argentina, an archaeological gem, has recently flung open its gates to human visitors after being shrouded in mystery for almost a century. What makes this site truly unique? It’s not just the ancient ruins that attract visitors from around the world, but the thriving community of feral cats that has called this place home for the last 100 years.