It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of The Refined Feline line of classy cat products for the home. A few months ago, The Refined Feline gave me a couple of lotus shelves to install and try out.  A couple of months ago, they asked us to try out their “Zen Scratcher.” 
We all know how finicky our cats can be, so I like to try out a product for an extended period of time before reviewing it; particularly to see if my cats (and I) still enjoy the product in the long-run. 
I’ve been using the Zen Scratcher for several months now and several of my cats really love it.

Pros of the Refined Feline Zen Scratcher

  • It has an over-sized platform, so it’s great for cats of all sizes, so long as they can jump. 
  • Well-built and sturdy. This piece of furniture is made in the same high-quality tradition as other products from The Refined Feline.
  • It’s has a stylish design, so it isn’t embarrassing to display in your house like many other cat trees. 
  • The pad on top level is very easy to clean. My cat Maggie puked on it and I was able to easily clean it up with no trace of any residue. Additionally, the cat hair comes off very easily when you use a damp washcloth to wipe it off (or use my latest love, the Evercare Fur Erase Roller). 
  • The medium size tower makes it a great perching place to watch everything below. 
  • Custom designer scratching pads available to add extra flair
  • Easy to assemble. My husband took this right out of the box and had it ready to go in about 15 minutes. 
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Cons of the Refined Feline Zen Scratcher

  • Jumping from the lower/middle platform to the top platform can be a little tricky. If your cat doesn’t have claws, she may not be able to jump to the top. 
  • The bottom platform comes empty (I’m storing some toys there now)…but The Refined Feline offers a bottom cushion for $24.99.
Overall: I really like the Zen Scratcher, as I love all of the products I’ve tried from The Refined Feline. Maggie is the biggest fan and will jump on both platforms. When she’s not perching on the Zen Scratcher, one of the other cats will usually take advantage and jump up there for a nap. 

Zen Cat Scratcher From The Refined Feline

The Zen Cat Scratcher harmony into your home by providing an ideal place for your cat to scratch and perch, away from the corners of your fine furniture. From