As cat owners, lint rollers are a staple in our house (and office and car…) – and I bet they’re in yours too. While we LOVE our furry companions, their fur can get all over us and our stuff. It’s just something we accept that we have to deal with as a pet parent.

The nice people at Butler Home Products make the Evercare brand of lint rollers. They just came out with a new roller to help remove pet fur from fabric and furniture. I admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first tried this product. I wondered how this could actually be any better than my standard lint roller…so I tried it out on my black velvet dining room chairs. I know, you’re already asking why, as a cat owner, I would even have black velvet chairs in my home!! 
The Evercare Fur Erase roller is quite clever and really easy to use. First, it has a set of rubber agitators that you use to loosen the fur. Then, you use the sticky tape to pick up the loosened fur. It works amazingly well – and much better than the vacuum or plain lint roller. 
PRO: Small, compact size.
PRO: Requires little effort to make a big difference. 
PRO: Inexpensive. The product can be found for less than $10. 
CON: Requires refills… but refills are inexpensive. Amazon has the Evercare Fur Erase refills for under $4.
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