Slick. Sleek. Chic.

Three simple words that describe Refined Feline’s Cat Shelves. A few other descriptors – sturdy, heavy, high-quality, beautiful.

In a nutshell these shelves are a treat for your cat to jump, walk and lounge upon…and a treat for the homeowner that appreciates aesthetically pleasing items. Unlike many cat products that are an eye sore in your home decor, these cat shelves fit right in. The elegant lines and rich stains make these shelves the top-of-the-line and must-have product for cat owner’s with a a sense of style. Ours came in a beautiful espresso finish that goes great with the rest of the house. We received both the lotus leaf (smaller shelf) and the lotus branch (the longer shelf).

Installing the shelves were easy (or at least my husband said they were). The quality materials make these shelves a bit heavy, so it took two of us to install the large one. The holes were perfectly aligned and we had no issues in getting the shelves on the wall and level.

Each shelf comes lined with a high-quality carpet that they can stretch, scratch and lay comfortably upon. The carpet provides great traction when climbing on them or jumping off. Within five minutes, several of my cats were exploring and I now routinely see three of them as regulars on these shelves!

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We were not paid for this review. We did receive complimentary products to test out so we could provide a fair review to you.