Over the past year, we’ve road-tested quite a few products. Here’s a compilation highlighting some great products and some special promotions just for you!

  • Pretty Litter – Pretty Litter is the new litter that can tip you off if your cat is having health problems. It’s meant to be used between vet visits, not a substitute for the vet. OFFER: Visit Pretty Kitty and get an additional 10% off already discounted holiday prices. Read the review of Pretty Litter. Use code PRETTYCATNIP to get your discount.


  • Daily CATegory Catlendar – This super-cute calendar (or catlendar) features many of the cats that are popular on Instagram. The Catnip Times even secured a spot on April 6, 2016. This is a great gift for any cat lover and the best part is that all proceeds benefit Best Friends LA. Limited quantities. OFFER: Visit Daily CATegory and 25% off through 12/13/2015 to ensure Christmas delivery in the U.S. Code is still valid past 12/13/2015, but Christmas delivery is not guaranteed. Use code: DC25.


  • kitten-in-santas-hatWeather Kitty – A robust weather app, it is ideal for the cat lover. Users can change the cat pictures that appear for every season to keep things fresh. Upgrades are available for celebrity cats, like Grumpy Cat. Download it for free today! Read the review of the WeatherKitty App. OFFER: On your mobile phone, download the free app!


  • Litter Lifter – This litter scoop is a long-time favorite and is on the list of must-have’s for all cat owners. You may not think a litter scoop is anything special, but this one is. Once you use this scoop, you’ll never want to use any other scooper. Read our review of the Litter-Lifter Scooper. OFFER: Visit Litter-Lifter® to get a 12% discount through March 31, 2016! Discount increases on orders over $40. Use code: catniptimes


  • Purrvana Catnip – This 100% organic catnip is really something special. In addition to 100% catnip, it comes in different blends that cats really love! We’ve tried all of the catnip-herb blends and everyone loved it. The “Totally Bucked Up” flavor that includes Silverline is a huge hit…(but they enjoyed all of the flavors). Read the review of Purrvana Kitty Kush. OFFER: Visit Purrvana and receive free shipping on any order over $15 through 12/31/2015. Offer code: FREESHIP


  • Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand – This new toy from Jackson Galaxy is a ton of interactive fun. If your cat likes to chase flying bugs or loves watching birds outside, this toy will really trigger their prey drive! Read the review of the Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand.

Did your cats enjoy a new product this year? What were your favorite cat products of 2015? What would you put on a must-have list?