The Best Litter Scooper – Hands Down

I’ve tried dozens of litter scoopers over the years. Ones with long handles, short handles.  Plastic ones.  Metal ones.  Big ones.  Small ones.  Pink ones, blue ones…litter-lifter-cat-litter-scoopBig slots, small slots.  You name it.  I’ve tried it.  I feel compelled to tell you guys about the best litter scooper I’ve ever used – it’s called the “Litter Lifter“.

The Litter Lifter is made of heavy duty plastic that doesn’t bend.  It has vertical slats that are spaced at just the right distance to capture the stuff you want to, and let loose the clean litter that you don’t need to trap.   The sturdy design is also really light-weight which makes scooping litter effortless.  I no longer dread cleaning the litter box because this scooper is just that good.  I highly recommend it.  Check it out.