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Study Finds Cats Respond To Owner’s “Baby Talk”

A study conducted by Charlotte de Mouzon, ethologist at the Cognition and Development Ethology Laboratory (University of Nanterre), found that cats are receptive to what their masters say, especially if they use a more childish tone. Study Construct The study observed...

Larry The Cat Shines At Rishi Sunak’s Address

Our good ‘ole pal, Larry the Cat, is at it again!

This time, Larry the Cat stood by and stole the show as Britain’s new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, was making an address to the public. Larry was the star (as per usual) making an appearance and catching the attention of onlookers and reporters.

Hours from Death, 3-Legged Cat From Ukraine Now a Regular at UK Bar

Rocket was neglected of the medical attention he so desperately needed in war-torn Ukraine, but his life was turned around when volunteer worker Wendy Lloyd set her eyes on him. Original source: Mirror UK Published 11:37, 16 Oct 2022; UPDATED 11:41, 16 Oct 2022 A...

Larry The Cat from 10 Downing Street Chases Fox Away

Larry the cat - Chief Mouser of "Number 10" has been busy of late. While his normal duties at 10 Downing Street in London are to chase off mice and test out the sleeping quality and comfort of the residence's furniture - he took on a new challenge - a wayward fox!...