Kristen Lindsey, the Texas Veterinarian who shot and killed the cat, presumed to be Tiger, in the head by bow and arrow has filed a new motion to dismiss testimony from expert witness Dr. William Folger.

Dr. Folger testified in April in front of an administrative law judge that he believed Tiger was indeed alive in the picture that Lindsey posted to Facebook bragging about her “first bow kill” and that the bow and arrow did not penetrate the skull, leaving neuromuscular function intact. Tiger suffered.

Lindsey’s attorney alleges that Dr. Folger made contradictory statements in 2015 on the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), which is a private website for veterinarians. Her attorney asserts that Dr. Folger expressed bias in his comments on VIN and his disgust for the reprehensible acts perpetrated by Lindsey. Kristen Lindsey’s attorney is asking that they strike Dr. Folger’s testimony and that Lindsey receive a partial new trial or the ability to reopen the evidence to supplement the record.

Alley Cat Allies’ staff attorney, Misty Christo, commented:

“Dr. William Folger is a renowned veterinarian and feline specialist. His position throughout this case has always been consistent: 1) The cat that Kristen Lindsey killed was indeed the cat known as ‘Tiger,’ 2) Lindsey made Tiger suffer and was not conducting euthanasia, and 3) Dr. Folger was stunned that a veterinarian would act in such a cruel and brutal manner.”

“This motion from Kristen Lindsey cannot distract us from the overwhelming amount of testimony against her in the April hearing. Lindsey shot Tiger in the head with an arrow, hung him from the arrow in a trophy picture while Tiger was still alive, and bragged about her actions on social media. Her actions were incredibly cruel. Alley Cat Allies renews our call for the state administrative court to revoke her veterinary license. She should never care for animals again.”

The Catnip Times stands shoulder to shoulder with Alley Cat Allies and the nearly half a million* people who want to ensure that Kristen Lindsey never practices her brand of medicine on any pet again.

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