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Cats can be just like people. They can get bored if they do not have anything interesting to play with or something to keep their curious minds occupied. You may think all you have to do is give your cat a ball or a stuffed mouse to keep him or her happy, but there are so many more toys available that are both interesting and mentally stimulating that can keep your cat entertained all day.

Check out the following list of ten interestingly wonderful toys to get for your cat.

Trixie Mad Scientist Game

With this game, your cat will pretend that he or she is a scientist and will get to play with the beakers. You can put treats in the beakers so your cat can work on flipping them to try and get them out.


Ware Flying Fun Interactive Cat Toy

If your cat loves bugs and you can’t get your pet to come inside because of all the bugs in the yard, then this is the toy for your cat. With this toy, you put some plastic bugs in a toy and turn it on.


Cat Exercise Wheel

If you have or have had hamsters, then you know that they love to run around on the wheel. With that being said, you may be surprised that some cats can do the same thing. They need their exercise too and watching them run on this exercise wheel will keep them active and be fun to watch as well. While this is the priciest toy on the list, it could save you from expensive cat procedures in the future.


SmartCat Peek a Prize Toy Box
This game is a square wooden box with a bunch of holes big enough for the cat to put his or her paw in it. This product will come with toys that fit in the box, or if you wish, you can add your own toys as well. Once the toys are inside, your cat will walk on the box and insert its paw in the various holes to try to get it out.


Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

With the treat maze, you put the treats in this maze-like toy, and the cat will have to use its paws to get it out so they can feed themselves. Since this game can be hard for some felines, you may want to give your cat an extra treat after you realize how smart your pet is when playing this game.


Catit Design Senses Massage Center

Even cats love to get massages like us human beings. When your cat puts pressure on certain areas, it will stimulate the face and even help clean your cat’s teeth and gums.


Automatic Rotating Laser Cat Toy
Cats love laser pointers, but the problem with one is that your arm may get tired after holding it to let your cat have some fun. With this toy, it has a laser that will spin around automatically, letting you sit back and not having to do a thing.


Catnip Bubbles

The title says it all catnip bubbles. Like bubbles for kids, these work same way; however, the bubbles will have a catnip scent that may make your cat chase them around the house.


Crazy Pants Cat Tunnel

Since your cat may have fun going through your laundry, this would be the perfect toy for you to purchase. With this toy, your cats will have fun hiding from you or even taking a rest. The tunnel is shaped like pants so they can go inside to hide and come out when they are ready.


Catty Stacks

If you own a cat, you know they love boxes of all shapes and sizes. These strong cardboard boxes are made of industrial-strength cardboard and can be put together to create your own unique shapes and designs. With each box, a cat can either go inside the box or lay on top.

APPROX. PRICE: ~$30 for 2 boxes

About the author

Stephanie Lynch is from Howmuchisit.org, a database that helps consumers find out what unknown things cost in life. Aside from hanging out with her two tabby cats, she also enjoys spending time with her family and the outdoors.



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