Announcement: Meow MeetUp Suspended Over Coronavirus Outbreak
Hello cat lovers!!
Due to increasing concerns about the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, and to help protect the health and safety of the public, our sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers and of course, the adoptable cats, Meow MeetUp is going to be suspended until more information is known about how coronavirus is going to evolve and how it will affect the people and animals of the United States.
The Catnip Times is currently exploring other options or potential dates later in the year. We’ll keep you posted as information develops.  
Thank you for understanding. Stay safe. Wash your hands. And cuddle with your kitties!
All the best,
Lauren Mieli
Founder, Meow MeetUp & The Catnip Times


We wish meow meet up was every weekend!

Dee D.

Such a fun time! Can’t wait for next year!

Lisa V.

Totally impressed yesterday [at Meow Meetup]. Please do it again next year.

Alan M.

This was a great event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you do it again next year!!

Tori M.

I had lots of fun. Can’t wait for next year!

Rebecca P.

I had a ball. I met Cole & Marmalade’s dad, the Catman of West Oakland, and Chuck the Duck (and others!) and petted Lil Bub! It was a fantastic day. Also spent $200 on swag and went to the terrific after party. Only two suggestions for next year: Maps of the venue are a necessity (I missed several sessions I wanted to go to because I couldn’t figure out where they were), and there needs to be WAY less time between the end of the show and the start of the after party (I had two hours to kill and was already exhausted). Can’t wait for next year!

Tabby B.

We had a great time on Sunday!! Really hope you have the event next year!!

Tina M.

Hope you will do it again next year!

Emily S.

I had so much fun!! I can’t wait for next year!

Beth M

I had to tell someone what a great time I had at the meow meetup. from the Bingo, the cafe ,and meeting Lil Bub(again). The vendors were great too. Lots of free samples and lots of purrfect merchandise to buy for my furbabies. I wish I had found out about it much sooner. I think i saw the ad on The animal Rescue Site. And thank goodness. I ended up having to go alone as all of my friends had prior plans , including a foster getting adopted Cant wait till next year.

Vicky K.

Loved the Meow MeetUp yesterday and bought a lot of stuff too! And even got a tattoo!!

Mark B.

This convention was so great!! Looking forward to Meow MeetUp 2019

Tracey W.

Totally worth the road trip from Ohio!

Sarah R.

That cat toys I bought were a huge hit!!! Those vendors are hard core!

Susan E

Had a great time! Please make it an annual event. More people will come for sure.

Annette S.


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