By Katniss Cat Reporter

October 16th is National Feral Cat Day. This post is dedicated to all of the feral cats around the world who struggle every day to eat, find water to drink, stay warm and dry … and to stay alive. Particulary thinking about Mr. No Ears who was abducted from his home and caretakers in Albufeira, Portugal, just over a month ago. And to the millions of ferals under attack in Australia, we pray that the officials in Australia stop their attack on feral cats and find a humane way to deal with the overpopulation.

A special thank you to the numerous shelters and rescues who practice trap, neuter, release (TNR) and the caretakers who show up, rain or shine, to care for feral cat colonies, ensuring their health and safety.


At first I was scared of you

Because you bring these box-like contraptions

I have seen cats go in them

Most come back

But the kittens I have not seen again.


While other Humans yell at us

And see us as a nuisance,

You bring us food

And I am very hungry.

Hungry enough to come out and eat it.

(Although not always when you are around.)


Without you

My stomach would be growling

And there would be so many kittens,

Kittens everywhere.

I trust that when you take our kittens

They are safe

And will never have growling tummies again.


When it rains

When it snows

When the heat is unbearable

You are always there

With food

And your gentle tone of voice.


So even though I may hide

And won’t let you pet me


I am grateful you care.

I may not trust you fully


But I wait for you

And not just for the food

But to hear you voice

Because you give me hope

And make me believe

That life might not be so bad

After all.


Signed, A Feral Cat