He was named after Knoxville, Tennessee, but is better known on Instagram as Knox, one part of the beloved New York kitty duo @meow_york_kitties. Knox is quite popular on Instagram for his “wall sitting” antics–something he started doing on his own at age one. Eight years and 37.2 thousand followers later, Knox’s adorably hilarious talent has turned him into a social media star.

“I mainly started [an Instagram account] because cats are hilarious, but they need a voice,” says Heather York, Knox’s human. “I could be that voice for Knox and Neyland (Knox’s brother) and tell people what they’re thinking.” Knox has plopped down under countless signs with comical sayings such as “If you know every word to the open of ‘Law & Order: SVU’ sit here,” but York says his most popular video to date is “If you are sofa king awesome sit here.”


Knox is a Turkish Angora who came into York’s life through Craigslist. She says her husband found a listing from a family who adopted two white cats but could only keep one, meaning Knox would have been sent back to a shelter. “I refused to let that happen! We went that day and saved our little baby.”

Wall sitting is nothing new for Knox, nor was it a trained talent. “I looked over, and there he was! I couldn’t stop laughing, and thought it was just a one-time thing. Boy, was I wrong,” York says. “Mr. Fluffy Pants,” as York affectionately calls him, likes to wall sit frequently, and usually on the same wall, though he does change location every so often.

Other than enjoying a good wall sit, Knox loves to be brushed “all day every day,” and entertains himself with York’s hair ties, which he likes to drop in the toilet. “I should buy stock in hair ties,” she jokes. (We can relate!) You might never guess it from how easily he walks and sits in his videos, but Knox has a fake hip. York says he had to have surgery when he was six months old. “The bone from his socket had deteriorated, so surgery was necessary to get the remainder of the fragments out. Scar tissue grew in its place, and he has been fine ever since,” she explained.

With so much love from his worldwide Instagram fans, it could be easy for Knox to let the fame go to his head. He’s even made it on The Today Show as a Halloween costume model. Luckily, his handsome brother, Neyland, is there to keep him in line. Neyland doesn’t share the same wall sitting talent as Knox, but he plays just as important a role on the pair’s Instagram page and receives just as much love.

With the prospect of social media stardom, it’s an exciting time to be a cat. You just never know where a quirky habit will take you. York never imagined that posting her first video of Knox would take them this far, but we’re certainly glad it did because there’s nothing like a quick cat video to brighten your day! To keep up with Knox and Neyland, be sure to follow them on Instagram!