Do Cats Have Auras? An Interview with Mystic Michaela

Can Humans Tap Into Pet’s Energetically? Do Cats Have Auras?

For those of you who believe there’s more to this world than we can fully appreciate, you’ll love this post. I had the pleasure of talking with “Mystic Michaela” who is an aura reader, psychic and medium. I was first introduced to Mystic Michaela on a podcast that I listen to regularly and then decided to subscribe to her podcast to hear what she’s all about. The thing about her that really made an impression on me was how grounded and down-to-earth she is (and that she’s also a cat lover!). A former school teacher, she does a masterful job of explaining the things that are unseen and unheard to most of us, but probably felt by many of you.

I reached out to Mystic Michaela to see if she had any insights about pets (and cats specifically) that she would be willing to share with all of you – and to my delight, Mystic Michaela agreed to an interview, which I present to you below. I really hope you enjoy it with an open heart and open mind!

boy in tune with his cat

The Catnip Times: What is an aura? Why are auras important?

Mystic Michaela:Auras are an energy signature around each person. They are all individual but there are five main aura colors (red, yellow, green, blue and purple). Most people have a combination of two. Understanding your aura can help you live life more authentically in every facet of life – from your career, your relationship to yourself, money, fitness, motivation and relationships with others. Auras are like personality types. And knowing your aura can help you understand your own authentic motives which propel you forward with the most success in life!

The Catnip Times: Do pet auras present themselves in the same way that human auras do?

Mystic Michaela: Humans and pets have different auras around them. While I do see auras around pets, they often mean something different than the meaning I see for humans. Pets are more pure energy, they are communicating constantly with energy, authentically and without questioning it. They use their energy to communicate with us.

Pets are natural empaths. For those of you who don’t know, empaths are those who feel other people’s feelings as if those feelings are their own. But humans often question this or refuse to see it as real. Pets know this and it’s how they communicate with us. Their auras are often clearer and more indicative of their overall mood rather than their personality. Animals do “speak” but in a different way. They show me pictures, feelings and will even sometimes transfer pain to me if they have it.


The Catnip Times: Are cat auras read the same way dog auras are?

Mystic Michaela: While cats and dogs are natural empaths and energy communicators, dogs tend to care more about their human’s emotions than cats do. Cats will totally understand what you are feeling, but depending on their personality, will react in their own way. Whereas dogs are usually more reactive without pondering why.

Aura Color Human Meaning Pet Meaning
Red Direct, assertive and take-charge leaders who have good natural instincts about others. Aggressive, not in a good mood, prey drive is high!
Yellow Organized and curious multi taskers who seek constant self-improvement and love direct honest communication. Likes their own space, has a thing for sleeping in tight and hard to find places. Very CLEAN with their own fur. Will clean others too.
Green Logical and intellectual detail-oriented thinkers who crave passionate projects which promote challenging self growth. A little obsessive about playtime. Very focused and loves to jump high. Plant chewer!
Blue Naturally empathic and sensitive people who are compassionate and thoughtful givers. Super therapeutic, lap cats, can be “talkers.” Likes an array of food choices. Not super into playtime.
Purple Creative, intuitive rebels who crave change and artistic outlets. Sassy and smart, friendly too. Decides who they like and really doesn’t change their mind about it. Likes to be treated as a human. Loves to walk on the countertops.


The Catnip Times: Why might someone want a pet aura reading? What can they learn from it?

Mystic Michaela:When I do a pet reading I am able to get so much information not only about the pet, but the family the pet is a part of. Pets are very tuned into their owners. And they don’t judge, but they have a strong confidence in their own truths. Because animals have no “ego” the way we do, they don’t protect anyone from what they need to hear. I will hear from pets about how their owners are sad, happy, too stressed or even when they are in a relationship which needs change. Your pet picks up on all of this!

The Catnip Times: You can’t hide from the cat! I wonder what secrets my cat and Mystic Michaela have discussed?!!??

The Catnip Times: What do you need in order to read a pet’s aura?

Mystic Michaela: I work through pictures. As long as I can see their eyes, I can feel them “speak” to me.

The Catnip Times Can pets be our soulmates?

Mystic Michaela: Your cat can absolutely be your soulmate! I truly feel that cats and owners have met in past lives and decided to meet again in this lifetime as well. We bring them through hard times and they do the same for us.

The Catnip Times: Personally speaking, I’ve had several cats that I feel were my soulmates. And as a cat-person, I know that the times I’ve been “looking” to adopt a new friend, they seem to choose me, rather me choose them (at least initially). Cats have a way of finding us. 


The Catnip Times: What type of person can learn how to read pet auras? Is it even possible to learn?

Mystic Michaela: I see auras around animals and humans, but that’s not necessary to read them. All of us possess the same abilities our cats do, and that’s to read energy. Energy is part of everyone of us. We give it off all of the time.

You and your cat speak to one another already this way. If you have ever found yourself talking to your cat, you’re already doing it! Asking your pet what they want and then knowing that they want food, comfort, a toy, an item moved from their favorite sleeping spot – whatever it is – that “knowing” means you’re already tuned in and communicating with them.

When you are an empath you can feel others feelings as your own. All of us have this ability and for some it’s stronger than others. Distinguishing your own feelings from your pet’s is a way to strengthen it. If you see them looking at you and you feel like you “should” be doing something, that’s them communicating with you!

The Catnip Times: I definitely communicate with my cats. And many times, they want a treat, to play, or just some quality cuddle time. I’m definitely in tune with them and ensure that their every wish is granted.

What are some signs that you’re empathic with pets?

When you have a relationship with your own pet, you can tell if they are uncomfortable, sick, happy or out of sorts. But when you get those feelings with other animals, that’s called an “animal Empath” or an “animal communicator”. It takes time to work on this, but you just have to tap into their energy. If you have ever seen a dog come at you for example, and they are off leash, did you know immediately if they were friendly or not? Have you known whether or not to pet a cat or dog because they didn’t want to be touched? Have you ever felt like a part of an animal was hurt somewhere without knowing how? Have you ever felt that an animal was mistreated and you didn’t know why, but just felt a tenderness? These are not just random thoughts or hunches, this is your ability to pick up on the things they are telling you energetically. 

How do the different human aura colors display/react with animals?

  • Green people are able to really be “alpha” in a pack of dogs, and “co-cat” with their at-home kitties!
  • Blue people are able to tap into the energy easier, and their pets feel this. They are able to talk easiest with the blues back and forth.
  • Yellow people are good with behavior and consistency, something animals are fond of! Pets like to know someone is on top of their care and routine.
  • Purple people can get a little distracted at times, so their animals tend to have to “remind” them. Their cats will be a little more pushy with them to get what they want done!
  • Red people are playful with their animals, and know how to get on the “in the moment” vibration our animals live on.

Part III – Rocket’s  Reading

The Catnip Times: Would you be willing to read my cat, Rocket, and tell me what he’s thinking?

Mystic Michaela: Sure thing! Rocket is adorable! Rocket has a blue/green thing going on. Animals speak to me in pictures and feelings, and the thing I get with him is that you are indeed, his kitten. He takes care of you and protects you. I do get that he likes to clean you? I get this feeling of hair in my mouth and it feels like yours (haha). I get kind of this taste he’s not always into, like chemicals, so it’s like he tries to clean that out. I do feel like he’s in good overall health, although I am in no way a doctor. I do feel a slight tinge of something in my right hip, but it feels like age or just something minor associated with that. I get this need to sneeze, like if he doesn’t like a smell or something in the air he does this sound. I do get some other animals though too, I feel like he is “okay” with one but not the other. Do you have two other animals? I feel like he is tolerant but you are his and he feels like he’s the one in charge of the family! He is super smart and feels a bit “above” playing with anything. But he can get in the mood by accident and then act all “cool” like no one saw. It’s funny. HE is SO smart. I get he’s able to figure stuff out easily too, very good at understanding how things work. He feels like he uses his paws like hands.

The Catnip Times: Mystic Michaela was spot on about Rocket. He is the boss of me – but I didn’t realize I was his kitten. He absolutely takes care of me and protects me. So much so that it is very common for him to gently wake me up in the middle of the night and literally escort me to the bathroom and then escort me back to bed. He also will paw at my head if he senses I’m getting a headache or migraine.

As for my hair, he seems to get mad when I get my hair colored at the salon. At night when I get back from the salon, he will sit on my pillow and literally try to pull my hair out by the root. It’s the only time he ever does this (thank goodness!!)

We do also have other cats and he definitely has his favorite – an orange/ginger tabby named Monkey. I also have another cat named Jady that he is not fond of… Jady has a passive aggressive personality and Rocket doesn’t like it.

Rocket was given his name because he loves to run! That’s how he plays – even now at 13! He will play with toys occasionally, but only in short spurts… he’s usually busy running here and there and everywhere.

He’s also extremely intelligent. He comes when you call him. He greets me at the door. He even taps me on my shoulder – standing on his hind legs – while I’m working to let me know it’s time to take a break and give him a treat (he’s literally doing this now!). He has trained me very well. People that I have zoom meetings with find it entertaining.

Oh and he does use his paw like hands. He taps his water bowl with his paw and licks the water that way. That’s just one example…

Want to learn more about Mystic Michaela?

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You can find her all over including her…

Podcast: Check out the Know Your Aura Podcast with Mystic Michaela anywhere you listen to podcasts. Tip: Episode 4 is exclusively about empaths and what it means to be one.

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I really hope you’ve enjoyed this latest post. We had a really great time learning about auras, what my own aura is and what my cat’s aura says about him. I think we can foster more meaningful relationships with our pets, when we take the time to understand their personalities energetically.

Do you “speak” to your cat energetically? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram!

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