Have you heard about Rocky the bobcat?  A scandal in NJ is developing as Rocky the bobcat is being held at the Popcorn Zoo in New Jersey until blood tests determine whether Rocky is a pure-bred bobcat or a hybrid.

Rocky has lived with his owner, Ginny Fine, since he was five months old and has bonded with the owner’s house cat, LC.  The bobcat is also declawed.  Somehow Rocky escaped from the house on March 25 and the owner had been looking for him frantically.  When the owner finally found him (by luring him out of the woods using LC’s meow), she called the local police to let them know that Rocky was safe at home again.

rocky-bobcat with cat

The police then came to the house and confiscated Rocky because Fine violated a previous police order stating that Rocky would not get loose.  Apparently, this is not the first time Rocky has escaped.  He had escaped back in September 2013 and returned in October – which is the reason why Fine was under a police order in the first place.

The judge, Damian Murray, indicated that Fine can have her cat back if the blood tests prove it is a hybrid.  If it is a purebred, then she must obtain a permit to own it.  Fine has not be allowed to see Rocky since he was taken away from her.

What do you think?  Should Fine get her 38-pound cat back?  I personally think that this poor cat is a victim of both his owner and the legal system.  He’s never been a wild cat, having lived with Fine and her house cat for years.  I worry that Rocky will not fare well without his claws.  I certainly hope that someone is looking out for the well-being of the cat.

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  1. alfonso ricardo

    Hola yo creo que el animal no esta a gusto en la casa . Esta un rato pero en cuando puede se escapa eso querie decir que quiere ver mundo y tambien buscar pareja cosa normal si fuera mio lo dejaria que se marchara en el bosque donde viva libre aunque sea un año libre es mejor que 5 en una casa , para casa ya estan los gatos no los animales salvajes almenos que tubiera mucho jardin para jugar pero aun asi es un animal salvaje tiene derecho a vivir suelto con los animales del bosque . Lo se es duro para el chico que lo a criado porque es como perder a un familliar pero sera lo mejor para el linx

  2. Jerome Russel Lewis

    Well the owner should be more responsible and de-clawing is not right nor should this poor animal be locked up in a zoo

    • Admin-Lauren

      I agree… I don’t know why cats are the only animal that gets declawed and everyone seems to think it’s acceptable…

  3. Lizbeth Thursby

    Let the poor animal go to the only home it has ever known, to do anything else would be cruel. Possibly the authorities could work with the owner instead of against her to prevent other breakouts.

  4. Patti R

    Declawing is hideous. It should be illegal, but dealing with the facts as they are, it’s a done deal for Rocky, so he should be returned to the only home he knows where he is loved and safe. The state handling this cat will absolutely end in disaster. The state can’t even balance its own budget – how is it going to properly husband a possibly hybrid, tame-yet-wild cat? Rocky is a one-off. He needs to be with the only human and his kitty companion who have bonded with him.


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