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First of all, Flipper has the cutest ear hair I’ve ever seen!

What a face!!!  Unfortunately, the 9-month-old cat suffers from a spinal malformation that makes it impossible to walk normally or even stand on her own. Flipper’s disability made her quality of life so poor that she was scheduled to be put down. But rather than see that happen, veterinarian

Dr. Harry Gurney enlisted the help of a local high school’s robotics club to design and build a contraption that would give Flipper better mobility. Watch the video to meet Flipper, and see how a group of ingenious teenagers saved the adorable cat’s life.

Meet Flipper!   Watch her fly around – what an amazing spirit!

Flipper the Robot cat CMO

No Description

Viva Flipper!!!

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  1. Boomdeeadda

    AWESOME, look at him go! We would never put down a person with a disability. Thank goodness for the wonderful club, great job guys.


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