Cats are helping companies sell more product

Editorial Purrspective
Have you noticed lately that cats are being added to commercials and other advertisements? Marketers are taking advantage of the popularity of cats to get your attention. Purrsonally, I think it works. After all, unless the product or service you’re selling has something to do with cats, I’m not interested.

According to Digital Information World, cats are very good at conveying and projecting human emotions (but we already knew that).

“It might be hard to get emotional about an allergy relief product, but when you add a cat to a Twitter or Facebook post, that can change.”

Last week, I was searching the internet for one particular cat video. When I clicked on the cat video a brilliant video catvertisement (cat-advertisement) by carmaker GMC popped up that addressed the fact that I was searching for cats!

Watch it below – it’s cuteness overload.

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As cats continue on their journey for world domination, expect to see them in unexpected places. I’m thrilled to see our feline friends finally getting the recognition and affurmation they deserve.

Want to see how cat commercials are made? Check out cat advertising agency, John St.

Do you have a favorite cat commercial? Tell us what it is in the comments!

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