Do you want to know a really easy way to save a kitten?

Download the Swarm app by Foursquare and check-in through October 15, 2015.

Foursquare launched the #EveryCheckInSavesAKitten campaign dedicated to ensuring the well-being of kittens and they gI_90578_Sticker_GrumpyCat_Copyrightare donating $10,000 to Alley Cat Rescue. Foursquare partnered with Alley Cat Rescue, an organization that works to solve the crisis of unwanted and abandoned cats through the rescue, rehabilitation, well-being and welfare of all cats. To help save as many kittens as possible, Foursquare also partnered with the oh-so-famous celebrity cat, Grumpy Cat®.

How can you help?

It’s easy!! Download Foursquare’s check-in app called Swarm. Simply use the app to check in now through October 15th, and a limited edition sticker called Grumpy Cat®, will become available prompting a direct donation to the organization. You can also show support and spread the word by sharing your check-ins on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #EveryCheckInSavesAKitten.

Some of The Fine Print

Foursquare’s donation to Alley Cat Rescue will be used in their efforts to rescue at-risk cats, specifically to: board, fix, deworm, deflea, install a microchip, test for FIV/FELV, and vaccinate against disease. However, they cannot guarantee that each of your check-ins will, in fact, save a kitten. You can view the full terms and conditions here.