Jul 17, 2022




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Amazon Prime Day 2024 deals for the cat

10 Can’t Miss Amazon Prime Day Deals For Cats

Calling all cat lovers! Prime Day is here, and it's the purrfect time to pamper your feline friends with some fabulous finds. Whether your kitty is a playful kitten or a wise old cat, there's something special for every cat on Amazon this Prime Day. Check out these...
As avian flu spreads to cats, keeping cats indoors and away from bird populations is essential

Is Bird Flu A Threat to Cats?

The bird flu, known scientifically as avian influenza (H5N1), has recently made alarming strides, spreading beyond birds to infect various mammals, including cats and even dairy cows. This development has raised significant concerns among health experts and pet owners...
Adorable Siamese cat with a toy in his mouth.

The Fetching Felines Phenomenon

Move over, dogs—cats are making a fetch happen! A recent study published in Scientific Reports reveals that our feline friends might be more playful and trainable than we ever imagined. Researchers surveyed 924 cat owners with cats who have shown fetching behaviors in...
Cute British Shorthair cat in litter box at home

Litter Mixology: Creating the Perfect Blend for Your Cat’s Litter Box

As a devoted cat parent, I'm always on the lookout for ways to make my feline friends happier and our home cleaner. No one wants guests to instantly know they have a cat the moment they step into their home, particularly if the cat is nowhere in sight. One of the...
Ginger striped kitten sits on the wheel of a car under the mudguard. Portrait of a cat with selective focus. Dangerous situation.

Lucky Cat Escapes Close Call With Two Pit Bulls

Source: NY Post In a shocking event that vividly illustrates the unpredictable nature of animal behavior, a quiet neighborhood in Florida became the backdrop for a dramatic confrontation. Two determined dogs, in their relentless pursuit of a cat, caused a staggering...
Closeup Portrait of Devon-Rex Looking in Camera on Gray

Devon Rex: Personality, Origin and Health Conditions

The Devon Rex, a feline marvel that’s all set to sprinkle some fairy dust into your life! With ears that could rival a bat’s radar and curls to make even the most seasoned hairstylist envious, these charming critters are nothing short of a living, purring fantasy novel.