What Litter Mat is Right for Your Cat? Here are Our Recommendations Plus Reviews From Real Buyers

Tired of your kitty tracking litter around the house? Check out these litter mats! Designed to catch excess litter from your cat’s paws, litter mats are a game-changer for any cat owner. We’ve tested a bunch litter mats ourselves. Some made the cut. Many did not. We also searched through the top-rated litter mats from Chewy and Amazon to help you find the perfect litter mat for you and your cat!

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iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean Mat

The top layer of this mat lifts away to allow for easy cleaning while the bottom collects litter from your cat’s paws. The entire mat repels liquid and the litter that escapes the box can be easily dumped back in. If your cat is known for litter box mishaps, you can slip a puppy pad in between the layers for even easier cleanup.

Lauren Mieli, Owner/Editor of The Catnip Times says “This is my favorite litter mat and my cats also approve. The mat is soft to the touch, sturdy and traps so much more litter than other mats we’ve tried over the years. This mat is open on 3 sides, so the top layer can be peeled away and any nasty things that get into the bottom mat can easily and effectively be cleaned. I use puppy pads in mine for any accidents and mishaps.”

“This is the best litter mat I’ve ever had! I bought 1 for the bedroom and loved it so much I purchased 2 more for our other two litter boxes! I love that I can shake the litter through the first layer to the waterproof layer, and just pour it back into the boxes! No more shaking the textured litter mats above the boxes getting litter everywhere! A bit higher priced BUT WORTH IT!”- Sal and Bailey, 5 Stars.

Sal & Bailey
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Frisco Rectangular Cat Litter Mat

The most affordable mat on this list, the Frisco Cat Litter Mat has a 4.5-star rating on Chewy. It is made with slip-resistant material on the underside to keep it in place and can easily be cleaned by shaking it out, vacuuming, or rinsing with water. With two sizes to pick from, this litter mat is perfectly sized for any standard litter box.

“This mat checks all the boxes.. it is heavy enough to lie flat and not curl at any edge, it is dense enough that it catches every stray bit of litter, and it cleans easily either by shaking it out or vacuuming it off. The extra-large size is also perfect for my extra large litter box. Looks good, too!”- billie, 5 Stars.

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Fresh Kitty The Grate Cat Litter Mat

Similar to the iPrimio litter mat, but with a much more budget-friendly price. This mat also has two layers: a grated top layer designed to knock litter from your cat’s feet and a bottom layer to catch any tracked litter. With an opening on one side, this mat allows for easy pouring back into the litter box. Made out of water-resistant materials that also repel odors, this is a cost-conscious mat that will save you money and time cleaning.

Lauren Mieli, Owner/Editor of The Catnip Times says “This is my second favorite mat. It’s very similar to the iPrimio mat, but it’s closed on three sides, which essentially leaves you with a pocket that you can slip a puppy pad in. The price of this can’t be beat either. We have several of these in our home.”

Snickers the cat hanging out on the couch. (Photo courtesy @angelakinsey on Instagram)

“One word, Awesome! I wish I had gotten this sooner. Works like a charm!”- Etta, 5 Stars.

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Dog Gone Smart Cat Litter Mat

This litter mat uses millions of microfiber strands to pull excess litter from your cat’s paws and prevent litter tracking. The Dog Gone Smart Cat Litter Mat’s microfiber technology acts like a giant super sponge: it can collect dirt and water up to 15x its weight. To clean, simply shake the mat clean or throw it into your washing machine. 

“My furry cat tends to bring litter out with him when he leaves the litter box, but this does such a great job at catching them fall off of him as opposed to other litter mats I’ve had in the past. I love how thick it is as well – it’s also super soft, my cat even was laying on it when I first put it out because it was so comfy lol.”- Hunter, 5 Stars.

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Petlinks Purrfect Paws Gray Cat Litter Mat, Medium

With a 4.5 star rating and an affordable price tag of $12.41 (as of January 2021), the Petlinks Purrfect Paws Litter Mat is a pawsome offer. The surface of the mat has dozens of deep holes, perfect for ending litter tracking. This mat is designed to spread your cat’s paw-pads open to encourage stray litter to fall off. The mat is heavy, so it doesn’t scoot across the floor after several uses. The material is flexible and easy to clean.

“I bought this on a whim, not knowing much about litter mats. It SERIOUSLY catches my cat’s clay litter like magic!! I’ve gone as long as 2 weeks without cleaning it off and the tracking hardly existed past the mat! To clean, I just shake it outside. A deeper cleaning may be necessary every few months. Get it!!”- Emily, 5 Stars.

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CatGuru Premium Cat Litter Mat

Claiming to trap more litter than any other mat on the market, this litter mat uses soft microfiber fabric to wipe your cat’s paws clean before litter can hit the floor. There is a waterproof, non-slip backing to keep it in place and the mat is entirely machine washable. If you are not fully satisfied with this litter mat the company promises a full refund at return!

“With two cats that seem to hold onto litter in their paws until they get to the hardwood floor, I wasn’t holding out too much hope on this, but caved and bought one. WOW. I’m very pleased and have ordered/received another one for the other pooh pit. The longer/deeper pile seems to catch nearly all of the litter when they exit the area. It’s made the difference between sweeping morning and evening and now I can go a few days and only a few specks of litter are visible. I had used the same old Ikea throw rugs for years before realizing that there might be a solution to the stray litter issue. Shaking out to ensure the pile is standing back up helps after a few days.”- Amazon Customer, 5 Stars.

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