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Options & Flexibility!

1. Write an Educational Post

Write an educational post for readers and weave your product or service into the story organically. You can mention your product or service in the article and you can also use a text link to LINK TO YOUR SITE.

Articles need to be a minimum of 300 words and are subject to the approval and editorial review of The Catnip Times. The content is evergreen, so your investment lives on.

2. Sponsor a Post

When you sponsor a post, the choice is yours – you can have us simply:

  • Mention your brand as the sponsor, and/or
  • Include a link to your brand/product, and/or
  • Add a a digital banner ad to the post that will “interrupt” the content
  • Suggest alternatives – we are always open to your ideas.



Place your digital ads on our site. You can place a 300×250 square that is run-of-site. Or you can place a leaderboard ad on select pages (like a custom post). Run-of-site leaderboards are coming soon.




Working with us is easy. No integration fees and no technical integration.