Skoon Cat Litter Review

Natural cat litters are increasingly popular as pet parents seek natural solutions for their pets and the earth. From coconut to walnut, corn to recycled paper, pet parents are keen on trying new pet-friendly litter solutions – and so are we! Enter Skoon Cat Litter to the cat litter scene. 

What is Skoon Cat Litter?

Skoon Cat Litter is made from diatoms which is a natural substance that has been around for a very long time. In our home, we use food-grade, organic diatomaceous earth to control bugs. Diatomaceous earth sounds complicated, but it’s not. DE is simply the fossilized remains of diatoms, which are the skeletons of tiny, aquatic creatures.

Skoon is made from the amorphous form of DE that is considered safe for humans and pets. And while both Skoon and DE contain diatoms and other minerals, Skoon is not “earth” or powder like DE, but rather comprised of diatom pebbles (not powder). Since this product was unlike any we’ve tried, we inquired about the safety and the Skoon team was very forthcoming with lab reports and other information attesting to the safety of their product. 


Our Skoon Litter Trial

Skoon comes in an 8-lb. bag (or 4-lb. disposable box) and is surprisingly lightweight. I used about three-quarters of one bag to fill an oversized/deep litter box. 

Texture: Skoon litter looks like small rocks/pebbles. They are very lightweight and range in color from white to light gray. The texture is really different from other litters we’ve used, so my cats are a bit hesitant to stand in the box and scratch around. One of my cats has taken to the litter after slight hesitation and I’m watching the others. 

Dust: When I poured the litter into the litter box there was a small cloud of dust present, but it settled quickly. The amount of dust present was not problematic. I also had poured the litter into the box from about 1-2 feet above to test the “dust factor.” If you decide to try Skoon, I would recommend getting closer to the box and pouring slowly to minimize any dust clouds. When mixing the pebbles around, I did not notice any dust. 

Scooping: Since Skoon traps liquids within the “pebbles” there is no need to scoop out clumps. You simply stir the pebbles around and it refreshes the litter box contents. You will have to remove solid waste from the box and Skoon provides a special scooper for that purpose. The scooper has much larger holes than a traditional litter scoop to allow the pebbles to fall through and trap any solid waste.  

Tracking: Because Skoon is made up of large pebbles, there is literally no tracking of litter. Unlike traditional clay litter, the pebbles are too large to stick to your cat’s paws so there’s no tracking. This is probably one of my favorite benefits. 

Odor Control: Skoon does a great job of controlling odor and it does it naturally. I prefer litters that are unscented; we scoop at least twice daily in our household to keep the litter boxes clean and our home smelling like a home. I like that Skoon doesn’t use perfumes to cover up odor, but instead the nature of DE is to absorb the odors on contact which is another great benefit.

Sound: Wait, sound? Yes, that’s right. Skoon pebbles make a slight fizzing sound as they absorb liquids! It’s definitely the first time I’ve “heard” litter working. 

Weight: Skoon is significantly lighter than other cat litters. The company claims that the litter is 4x lighter than clumping cat litter. Anyone with multiple cats or with any physical constraints can appreciate the convenience of a lightweight litter. 

Price: Skoon is $24.95 for an 8 lb. bag or two 4lb. disposable boxes, each of which are equivalent to a 32 lb. pail of clumping cat litter (if we’re going by the 4 times lighter formula). Therefore traditional litter and Skoon are very close in price – and there’s no additional charge for shipping. And Skoon offers discounts on their subscription of multiple bags or boxes – as low as $22.44 per 8lbs of litter: 

  • (4) 8 lb bags is $87.95 per month
  • (8) 4lb boxes is also $87.95 per month


The Bottom Line

As a human trying out the litter, I have to say, I really liked it. I love that it’s natural and controls odors without perfumes. I also love that there’s no tracking and no need to scoop “pee ball” clumps. We are going to continue using Skoon and give my cats more time to adjust to it and ultimately they will decide. 

When switching cat litters, always go slowly and gradually and monitor your cat’s behavior. Never replace one cat litter with another without giving your cat(s) adequate time to adjust (could take weeks or months). Switching abruptly can confuse your cat(s) and they may look for alternate places to urinate and defecate (i.e. floors, plants, etc.) Never punish your cat for this behavior – it’s their only way to communicate with you… so pay attention and listen to what their behavior is saying to you. 

Since we have multiple cats, we will keep our regular clumping litter around as an alternative and will monitor the usage of the Skoon litter to ensure a smooth transition. We may end up using two litters in our household if one or more cats doesn’t adjust – and that is fine. The most important thing is to listen to your cat(s) and ensure they are happy with the new product.

Special Offer + Where to Buy Skoon Cat Litter

Head on over to the Skoon Litter website. And here’s a bonus! Skoon is offering readers of The Catnip Times $5 off their first order. To claim your offer visit the Skoon website via this link and enter code CATNIP5 at checkout. We’d love to hear your thoughts after you’ve tried it!

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