Updated October 2022

No electricity required! This K&H Pet Products self heating thermal cat mat is a cat magnet. So much so, I had to buy four of them to keep my cats happy. I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a really cute pet bed only to watch my pet sniff it and walk away. Or better yet, lay in the box it came in.

I put a couple of these mats on my bed and on the couches in the family room and there’s always a cat occupying one of these great thermal, self-heating cat mats.

  • No electricity is required
  • Fabric is high quality and lightweight; reverse side is black berber
  • The core reflects your cat’s own body heat back to keep them toasty warm
  • Machine washable
  • Measures a generous 22-inch length by 18 1/2 –inch width
  • Inexpensive!

For the quality and price ($13.99 as of this writing), you cannot beat these cat mats. I have not tried washing them yet – but so far, my cats have rated these five stars!


This is how the cat mat works

How the Cat Mat Works

These cat mats are available on Amazon in Gray/Black or Oatmeal/Chocolate.

Note, we were not paid or compensated for this review. 

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