It’s finally here. Unscented litter from Tidy Cats – it’s called Tidy Cats Free & Clean Litter! Starting in February 2018, and you can find it at major retailers like Petco, Target,, and Petsmart.


We received several jugs of Tidy Cats Free & Clean Cat Litter and it comes in the same containers that the other formulas come in – the smaller 14 lb. jug, the medium size 20 lb. jug and the large 35 lb. pail – and it also comes in the lightweight formula (but I haven’t seen or tried that one yet). It has no scents and no dyes – but with natural activated charcoal, it keeps all litter box odors locked away – so you smell nothing – which is a beautiful thing!

I went on their website and read about “activated charcoal.” It turns out, it’s made out of coconut shells treated with high pressure heat and steam to create millions of “pores” that just suck up odor! According to Tidy Cats:

“…just 1 pound of activated charcoal has the stink-sucking surface area of 75 football fields.”

Holy fluff! That’s a lot of stick-sucking power. And our trial backed this up!


We tried out the Tidy Cats Free & Clean Cat Litter in the 20 lb. jugs and to really monitor the effectiveness of this, I used it exclusively in my office, where my cats like to hang out with me during the day and I have 2 litter boxes right near my desk. The results of our trial? In one word – ameowzing. In another word – LOVE.

I am so excited about this new formula because  a few of my cats definitely prefer unscented litter – but Tidy Cats never had that option, so I always kept one brand of unscented litter around and then Tidy Cats Lightweight for the other cats.

Here is what we noticed in our trial with Tidy Cats Free & Clean:

  • Appeals to all cats. The litter boxes in my office became the most popular litter boxes in the house. Every one of my cats absolutely loves it.
  • No smell. Whether going number one or number two – there was never any smell – and I am practically sitting right next to the boxes, too.
  • Hard Clumping. Clumps are very hard – they turn a darker color, I think due to the charcoal.
  • No dust. This formula is by far their best, because we didn’t see any dust – even after a couple of weeks, it was still dust-free.
  • Easy to scoop. Because it clumps hard, it’s really easy to scoop – as long as you maintain enough litter in the box. Scooping is a breeze.


Ready to try it? Want to save $2? Just click here or on the coupon to the left and enter your name, email address and zip and Tidy Cats will send you the coupon to use on your next purchase of Tidy Cats Free & Clean!

Have any of you tried it already? Are you as excited as we are? What do you think? We are over the moon about this and honestly wondered what took Tidy Cats so long! Whatever the case, we’re just glad that it’s finally here!! REJOICE!!!

This post is sponsored by Tidy Cats. The Catnip Times is part of Tidy Cats’ Insiders Program which allows us inside access to Tidy Cats’ newest products so we can try them out and let you know (honestly) what we think. The Catnip Times will only cover products and stories that we feel will be interesting to The Catnip Times’ community. We hope you enjoyed this one!

The Catnip Times reviews cat products from time to time and reports on our genuine experiences with you, our readers. Many times, manufacturers will send us free products to test and try and other times we purchase our own products (because we shop around for cat stuff just like you!) In either case, we only post about products that we genuinely like and find to be of exceptional quality. If a product doesn’t meet our standards, we will not post about it nor promote it.

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