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Tidy Cats has done it again! They have innovated in the litter world where you just didn’t think it was possible! This time Tidy Cats is helping out cat owners who dread dealing with the litter box.
You know these people. It might not be you, but you definitely know the type. You go to their house and it smells like a zoo. The smell of the litter box hits you like a ton of bricks. It’s instantly apparent that they do not take care of the litter box the way you do. 
I don’t know about you, but when this happens, I become immensely sad for their cat who is subjected to a less than sanitary place to do their business. Okay, so apologies for outing anyone… but this was my brother, this was my college roommate, and also my coworker. The reality is, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. I wouldn’t be surprised if millions of other cat owners don’t properly take care of their cat’s litter box. Feeling sorry for these cats, I always wished that there was something I could do to improve their quality of life…

Well now I can (and so can you). Enter Tidy Cats Direct. They’ve come out with a new disposable litter box that gets delivered straight to your door every month or as often as you need (Tidy Cats Direct is available through Amazon, Walmart and Purina). The litter box is made of tough cardboard and comes pre-filled with lightweight litter. All you need to do is open the box, fold over the top, and you’re ready to go! Check out these pictures! 
The box is designed to last 30 days for one cat. Now of course you are still expected to scoop regularly. While I don’t consider myself to having an aversion to cleaning the litter box, (in fact, I take pride in keeping a clean litter box), this really has benefits! The one huge benefit that 
I love, is that the box itself gets changed every 30 days or more, which creates a really clean environment for you and your cat.
Here’s a full list of features:
  • Pre-filled with 13.5 lbs of Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance clumping litter
  • Up to one month of litter for one cat, with typical use
  • Disposable box with anti-leak coating inside to help keep mess contained
  • No pouring means no dust clouds
  • Cardboard lip around the top helps contain kicked litter
  • Easy to open and dispose for simple use
  • Crafted in USA facilities
How to Use:
  • Easy step-by-step directions are included on the side panel 
  • Scoop litter box as usual
  • When the litter is used up, tuck the lid closed and toss the whole thing out!
  • Be sure to reorder regularly (you can do so through Amazon) so a fresh box is always ready to go before you throw the current one away!
This is kind of a big deal. Beyond just not wanting to deal with the litter box as much, there are so many other uses I can see. For example, I would keep at least one on hand in the trunk of my car for emergency situations. Heaven forbid you need to leave your house in a hurry with your cats, this would be a great way to have a litter box ready to go without having to haul a box or litter! It’s also great for people who have physical challenges… this would prevent having to frequently shop for, carry and pour litter (you would still need to be able lift or move 13.5lbs). 
Key benefits:
  • No shopping
  • No hauling heavy kitty litter
  • No pouring
  • No breathing in litter dust cloud
  • Fresh box means less germs 
  • Fresh box means a happy cat
  • Fresh box means a fresh home
And with all the time you’ll save without having to purchase and haul litter you will have so many other things you can do!


Contest Rules (Contest is over)

  • Enter on The Catnip Times’ Facebook post
  • Tell us what you’ll do with all of the time you’ll save – creativity counts!
  • Contest open through 11:59pm on Saturday, November 19, 2016.
  • One winner will be chosen.
  • Must have U.S. postal mailing address to be considered.
  • Prize is two months of Tidy Cats Direct and an Amazon Prime Membership or Gift Card of equivalent value.

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