Choosing a new cat toy for your cat can be a challenge, particularly when you bring home said new toy and your cat ignores it and instead plays with the ring from the milk jug, or a shoelace or some other fascinating household item. I think we humans tend to buy the products that we think are fun, or cute, or colorful, rather than thinking like a cat!

We spoke with Ellen, owner of the NekoFlies company, and learned just how much thought and craftsmanship goes into making each of her cat toys. In fact, these toys are each handmade to achieve the level of detail and quality. We tried out two them: the Birbug toy and the Foxifur Kittenator.




Foxifur Kittenator

Foxifur-Kittenator cat toy


Here’s Why We Love NekoFlies Toys


These toys are admittedly a little creepy – because they are so realistic! But that’s the beauty behind the NekoFlies toys. Each design has been thoughtfully designed to look like a real critter that your cat would be interested in chasing – and that’s the purpose, right?!

High Quality

The toys are of very high quality – made with top grade materials – so they can withstand a lot of play. With that said, these toys also have small, detailed parts, and are designed to be used by you (the human) in interactive play sessions with your cat. So don’t leave your cat with these toys unattended. We tried out the ultimate rod (which looks like a fishing pole), which is great because it’s extendable up to 35″ plus, you can adjust the amount of string that attaches to this rod because it has several guides that the toy string can be attached to – giving you the most flexibility in play with your cat!


We tested these toys out on several cats and they all were immediately intrigued and jumped in to play. NekoFlies helps to create quality bonding time between you and your cat to create a positive play experience. For indoor cats, these toys are a real treat! You can see when they’re playing with them that they think they’ve caught something from outside. They really activate that prey and pounce drive. We even tried them with two cats that aren’t usually the best of friends, but they were so excited that they put their differences aside and enjoyed a group play session!





Interested in getting your own NekoFlies toys? They’re available at the NekoFlies website, on Amazon and local high-quality retail pet supply stores.