“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”― Terry Pratchett

If you’re looking for a visual feast for both the cat lover and the art lover, Sandy Lerner’s book, Caticons: 4,000 Years of Art Imitating Cats is just that. This book is an enormous (and gorgeous) coffee table book that details the long and beautiful history of humanity and their adoration of the cat. The book was inspired by author Sandy Lerner’s own collection of cat art.

You see, Lerner is a long-time cat lover and animal advocate, but she may be better known for her co-founding of both Cisco Systems and Urban Decay. She was motivated to acquire a wide variety of cat artwork when she was “living catless” when she married her husband who was allergic to, in her words, “all mammalia.”

Says Lerner “Unlike some collectors who either follow trends or believe they are prophets in the art market, I have collected simply on the catholicity of (1) is it a cat, and (2) do I like it? Therefore, there are no images of unhappy cats, unlucky cats or even unsociable cats. ‘My cats’ are happy, healthy, and loved, in art as in life.”

Copy of Catalogue Cover-Front Only - Caticons


Lerner’s book is perhaps one of the most comprehensive cat art books of our time featuring a wide range of media including paintings, sketches, jewelry, books, screen plays, clothing, furniture, ceramics, china, porcelain, earthenware, bronzes, sewing articles, housewares and many other obscure and beautiful pieces. Walking through her book is like taking a stroll through a cat art museum.

The reader embarks on a journey that takes them through four thousand years and five continents. It covers virtually every corner of the world highlighting humankind’s reverence for cats. Each page is a delectable menagerie of art including the cat-flavored works of world renown artists like Picasso, Matisse, Giacometti, Fragonard, Manet, Fabergé, Tiffany, Lanvin and many others. Complementing the visual art, are poems and quotes about the beloved cat adding to the overall charm.

While most of us can’t afford our own cat art museum, thanks to Ms. Lerner’s book, you can enjoy her ameowzing collection in your own home. Pick up Caticons on Amazon – it makes a great gift or coffee table book!