Review: Cat Power Tower

In short, the Cat Power Tower is a cat tree on steroids.  It features solid wood construction and three fun-filled levels.  The platforms are over-sized with high-quality carpet which makes this design better than the competition.  Cats can easily lounge or play – and multiple cats can play at the same time.

The bottom platform features a “swiss cheese” design with lots of holes to put balls and other toys in.  My cats enjoy “hunting” toy mice in the holes.  Two padded squares for the cat to sit on can be placed in any arrangement – together or diagonally.

The middle platform has a panel that depresses when the cat is standing or sitting on it.  By pressing down on the platform, the feather toy on the top of the scratching post begins to spin!  This feature can be turned on and off – which is great because at first, my cats were a little leery of the spinning toy.  After the cats were comfortable with the tree, we turned on the toy and everyone had a great time – so much so, that a few feathers are missing!

The top platform is great for relaxing or getting up close and personal with the spinning toy.  The scratching post is accessible from the middle and top tiers and there’s another scratching panel between the bottom and middle tiers.

Overall, this is a very sturdy product. It’s attractively designed, so you won’t be embarrassed to display this in your home, and most importantly, it’s a great deal of fun for your cats.

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  1. Andrea Kelly

    Looks like great fun!!

    • Lauren

      Hours and hours of fun… especially when you sprinkle a litte catnip on it! Thanks so much for liking and following!

      • Andrea Kelly

        Oh that does sound even better! I’ve been on the lookout for a good tower for the kitties for a while now, I’ll definitely have to check into this one some more 🙂

  2. Pat the Cat

    Thanks for the review! We’ll be mentioning this in our next newsletter!

    • Lauren

      Yes! I saw that and we can’t wait for the new angry birds, etc.! All the best,

  3. Michele Minteer

    I just purchased the Cat Power Tower for my two lovelies! I can not believe the functionality (hunting, scratching, lounging and climbing activities) and quality of this cat tower! This is a MUST HAVE for any feline parent. My kittens have spent HOURS on the platforms playing. The pups have joined in on the fun too collecting the dropped toys from the hunting platform.
    In addition, it is refreshing to deal with a company where the owner personally answers the phone and quickly handles one’s concerns. Thank you, Andy for designing such a wonderful piece of cat furniture and then sharing it with me.

    • Andy Luebke

      Thanks Michele. We just need more of you. A LOT more.

      • Wesley

        It’s awesome! My big boy (20 lbs) loves it too because he FITS! He’s so big, most cat trees don’t fit him comfortably…

      • Michele

        Dear Andy,
        So pleased to see that you follow the blogs concerning your product! I was only stating the truth about this feline tower.
        To potential customers out there in the webniverse- Andy ANSWERS the phone if you call. Amazing customer service as well as a reasonably priced item. I placed an additional order as a gift to a friendly cattery!
        Michele, mother to Mozart and Chanel

  4. Walter Newman

    This looks like the perfect cat tower. The cats pictured look completely comfortable and natural as they interact with it.


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