Review: ARM & HAMMER™ Cloud Control™ Clumping Cat Litter

Here at The Catnip Times and in my own household, we’ve tried a lot of different litter brands and litter formulas. It’s amazing how much innovation happens in the kitty litter industry – to benefit our cats and the humans that get to scoop for them!

Being a responsible cat owner means that we care for our cats and ensure their health and safety, whether it’s the food they eat, the toys they play with and the litter that they use. When you evaluate any kitty litter – you should be doing so from both your own perspective and your cat’s point of view.


What I Want What My Cat Wants
Scent Light scent, not overpowering. No scent – my nose is sensitive!
Texture As long as kitty likes… Something soft on my paws.
Tracking None, please. I don’t care, I don’t sweep. Our human does that.
Dust None, please – it gets on everything! None, please!
Clumping Strong, so it’s easy to scoop! Fast clumping, so it doesn’t stick to my paws or fur.


Our trial

We picked up a box of ARM & HAMMER™ Cloud Control™ Clumping Cat Litter from our local Walmart; then we set up a clean box and filled it up! Here’s what we noticed right away:

Litter Scent

The box of ARM & HAMMER™ Cloud Control™ Clumping Cat Litter has a hypoallergenic light scent. We opened the box of litter to sniff for ourselves and noticed a very light, subtle and pleasant scent. As mentioned, we’ve tried a lot of litters and the scent of ARM & HAMMER™ Cloud Control™ Clumping Cat Litter was not overpowering at all. Being a migraine sufferer, I’m particularly sensitive to scents, and this smells really nice.

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Litter Substrate/Texture

While I’m not a cat, I have to say that if I were – I think this is one of the most pleasing textures of cat litter we’ve ever used. The litter is really fine and soft, almost like sand or dirt. Having poured this new litter into the litter box, I ran my hands through the clean litter and it’s really soft. I would imagine most cats would like the feeling of this litter since it mimics textures that cats would encounter in nature.

no cloud of nasties ARM & HAMMER Cloud Control Litter


Litter Tracking

I didn’t notice much of anything in terms of tracking, but we’ve only be using this litter for about a week. We sweep our litter area daily and will continue to do the same.

Litter Dust  – Controlling the Cloud of Nasties

This was one of the most impressive aspects of ARM & HAMMER™ Cloud Control™ Clumping Cat Litter – and that’s good news for the brand (and for me and my cats!). When a product has “cloud control” in its name, there’s a naturally high expectation that dust will be low. This product did not disappoint. When I opened the package, I purposely dumped the entire container into a litter box to observe how much of a cloud would result. There was no cloud. Literally – no cloud. None.

I love this for me and also for my cats…I don’t want them breathing in nasty particles. They dig around in there – sometimes for a while –  trying to find a good spot. This always mystifies me because we keep the box very clean…but hey, you can’t argue with cat logic. I watched them digging and I never observed any dust or clouds. I scooped the litter and also didn’t notice any dust or clouds… it’s 100% dust-free so you can breathe easy!

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Litter Clumping

The ARM & HAMMER™ Cloud Control™ Clumping Cat Litter clumps really well. I was able to easily scoop up our kitties’ stuff with no scraping or sticky mess on the litter scoop. Clumping is particularly important in our home because we have cats with medical issues (diabetes and kidney disease) that cause them to have significantly increased urine output (very large “pee balls,” to put it in laymen’s terms). Enormous pee balls means the litter has to clump fast, or else they will accidentally step in their own stuff and get it all over their paws and fur which is a nightmare to remove. Once a cat steps in non-solid clumping cat litter – it’s like they’ve stepped in concrete. Yuck and ouch!

So what’s the verdict?

Love it! This litter has it all – it’s 100% dust-free, has a hypoallergic light scent, and offers fast and firm clumping action. What’s not to love?

Before trying this variety, we used and loved ARM & HAMMER™ Slide™ because it doesn’t stick to the box. I’m waiting to see what happens when one of my cats inevitably pees in the corner or side of the litter box to see if it sticks. We’ll keep you posted on it!

For their next litter innovation, ARM & HAMMER™ might also consider an unscented version of this product, but the scent is really very pleasant and subtle and would not prevent me from purchasing it in the future.

I bet you wanna try it, right?

You should. Get in your car and head over to the pet aisle of your local Walmart and pick it up – they have it in stock there. Then tell me all about your experience. I want to know if you agree!

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Experience the confidence of 7-day odor-control, guaranteed!


FTC Disclosure
This review was created in partnership with ARM & HAMMER and we were paid for our fair and honest review of the product mentioned. The Catnip Times reviews cat products from time to time and reports on our genuine experiences with you, our readers. Many times, manufacturers will send us free products to test and try and other times we purchase our own products (because we shop around for cat stuff just like you!) In either case, we only post about products that we genuinely like and find to be of exceptional quality. If a product doesn’t meet our standards, we will not post about it nor promote it. We actively turn down offers to review products if we do not like the product, the product does not work as expected and/or we would not buy the product for our own cats.