Litter Review: Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent

Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent is a clumping, 99.9% dust-free litter scented with the fresh smell of Gain. It is the newest in Fresh Step’s line of scented litter that uses Febreze and activated charcoal to lock in and cover up odors. The litter’s ClumpLock® technology quickly absorbs liquids while trapping odors to quickly form tight clumps–meaning your cat’s paws stay clean and scooping is fast and easy. offered me a month’s supply in exchange for my honest review. Read about my experience below.


Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent Trial

Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent comes in a 14 lb, 25 lb, and 42 lb box. I filled a new, clean standard adult-sized litter box to an approximately 2-2.5” depth and I estimate I will have enough for one month for two adult cats (I used the 25 lb. box).


Litter Texture

I have used Fresh Step litter in the past and the texture of Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent is very similar to their other products. Like typical clumping litter, it is made of small granules. When I poured the fresh litter in the box I ran my hands over the top of it and it felt soft to me, my cat was very interested and started pawing/digging as soon as I filled it up. 

Litter Dust

Advertised to be 99.9% dust-free, Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent definitely holds up to this statement. Even when I poured it–when I usually notice how dusty litter can be–I was happy to see there was no lingering dust cloud after pouring it into the box. My cat is very curious and investigated the litter as soon as I added it and I didn’t notice any dust kicking up. 

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Scooping the Litter

This litter clumped excellently. It never stuck to the bottom of the litter box or the scooper. This means that the litter stuck together fast and kept hold of the clump. It made clean-up very easy and fast.

Litter Tracking

Because Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent is 99.9% dustless, there were no dusty paw prints around my house with this litter. However, I did notice a few of the granules outside of the box from time to time. With any litter I use I frequently sweep or vacuum around the litter box but I did not feel like I had to clean up with this litter any more than others I have tried. 

Litter’s Odor Control

I have tried scented litters in the past and have felt that the odor came off as too strong or artificial. This was not the case with Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent. When I first poured it in my cat’s litter box it smelled exactly like clean laundry. I had no idea a litter box could ever smell so fresh! The scent diluted a bit after it sat but I definitely noticed a decrease in “cat odor” overall. Besides the added scents, Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent uses activated charcoal to trap and control urine odors. Plus, this product is “paw-activated” and releases a fresh scent every time your cat steps into its litter box. The smell did not bother my cat at all.


Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent’s Price

You can purchase a 25 lb box of Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent at for $15.99 (price as of July 2020). Known for being an affordable litter brand, Fresh Step’s reputation continues with the Febreze Gain Scent. If you just want to give the litter a try before you buy a larger quantity, the 14 lb box is only $9.99 on (Prices accurate as of July 2020. Click for current price.)

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For me, this litter really has it all. Dust-free, great clumping, affordable price, and even smells clean. I will definitely buy this litter for my cat again. I was a little worried that my cat would not like the scent, but she did not seem bothered by it at all. If you want to give this litter a try and are not sure how your kitty will react to a new scent, slowly introduce it to your cat by placing a second litter box with Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent right next to a box of their usual litter. If you notice your cat using the new litter more than the old, you have your verdict! This litter is definitely worth a try.


A Note About Litter Cleaning

Be sure to clean your cat’s litter box at least daily. Scented litter should not serve as an excuse to cover up the odors of a dirty litter box. Just as you flush your toilet when you’re finished using it, you should scoop your cat’s litter at least once per day or more. 

Madeleine Brown is a student at the University of Chicago studying English literature (and former intern at The Catnip Times). When she’s not studying, her passions are reading, baking, and spoiling her two kitties, Harper and Mr. Bingley.