Do you hate using split rings, particularly the tiny ones that manufacturers use for cat collars?

Split ring, commonly used for key chains and pet tags

Split ring, commonly used for key chains and pet tags

Put those tags back on your cat with LINKS-IT Pet Tag Connectors.  This little gadget makes attaching ID tags to pets easy. Instead of fussing with tiny metal rings, like the ones on key chains this little plastic gadget makes hanging identification tags easy.

Having your pet wear some sort of identification, particularly if it’s an outdoor cat, is very important. Cat’s wearing tags help neighbors, police and other individuals know that the cat is a beloved pet that belongs to someone. Providing visible identification for your cat is one extra way to secure your cat and show outsiders that your cat is loved and belongs with you.

Additionally, putting tags on your cats is just a good idea, even if they’re indoor cats and microchipped. When disaster strikes (and we hope it never does), putting a tag on your pet can help ensure that you are reunited should something happen.

Here’s how to use it – watch the video!

How to use LINKS-IT

How to use the LINKS-IT Pet Tag Connector to attach pet tags to a dog collar.

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