Cats scratch for a variety of reasons – it is a perfectly natural and healthy behavior. If your cat doesn’t have access to appropriate scratching surfaces, they will likely turn to furniture or other less desirable surfaces. As a responsible cat parent, you should provide your cat with ample scratching opportunities.

Imperial Cat Football Scratch and Shape has developed a wide variety of cat scratchers that are both attractive and functional. Their scratchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These cat scratchers are made in the U.S.A. and are safe for your cat and safe for the environment. Made with soy-based ink, your cat can safely chew, scratch, sleep and play on the scratcher. And because they’re made from recycled paper, they are an eco-friendly solution.

Kick-off the football season with the new football-shaped cat scratcher!

We road-tested this football cat scratcher and the cats love the shape of it – which satisfies both horizontal and vertical scratchers. The football scratcher is a substantial piece that stays put when your cat scratches it.  The piece also comes with 100% organic catnip for extra half-time fun! Not into football? Not to worry… these cat scratchers come in many different shapes, designs and sizes!  Check these out…