I’m beyond excited to introduce you to a new product called Feliscratch which comes from the makers of Feliway! But first, let’s make one thing clear: cats scratch and use their claws. And scratching is a normal and healthy cat behavior.  Let’s also make another thing clear – declawing is not an option that anyone should consider to prevent unwanted, yet normal, scratching behavior.

While it’s 100% natural for cats to scratch – sometimes they scratch items in our homes that we wish they wouldn’t. Adopting a cat is a lifelong commitment. Before you adopt, you should be fully aware that all cats scratch and you should be prepared to appreciate this about your cat.

Is your home set up for cat scratching success?

First thing’s first. Is your home set up for scratching success? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have at least one scratching post, pad or surface for each of your cats?
  2. Do you have scratching posts in multiple rooms of your home?
  3. Do you know what type of surface your cat prefers?
  4. Have you offered your cat a variety of scratching designs? (cattree, scratching post, scratching pads, etc)
  5. Have you offered your cat scratching products in a variety of positions?(Vertical, horizontal, sturdy, angled)
  6. Have you offered your cat a variety of scratching substrates? (Carpet, sisal, cardboard, etc)

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you need to really try all of the above in earnest before declaring that your cat won’t use a scratching post. We all know that cats are particular. Part of being a responsible pet parent is to ensure you’re giving your cat what he or she needs to lead a happy and healthy indoor life.


Help! My cat hates all of the scratching posts!

Ok, so we’ve tried all of the above and your cat still hasn’t found a cat scratcher s/he likes more than something else in your home.

A few other things to try to minimize damage from scratching:

  • Regular nail trimming can help reduce any damage in your home.
  • Use double-sided tape for cats to discourage scratching on certain surfaces(note that the glue from the tape could also cause damage to your furniture – so test an inconspicuous area)
  • Nail caps can be applied to your cat’s nails by your vet, a groomer, or at home if your cat will let you.


Avoid having furniture in your home that comes from animals. What do I mean by that? Leather couches, wool rugs – these items will attract your cat because they can smell the animal. Instead choose sturdy fabrics like microfiber and synthetic rugs.


FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY is a new product that helps 80-90% of cats to start using their scratching posts, pads, trees, etc. The sooner you introduce a scratching post into your cat’s life, the higher the likelihood that your cat will use (and enjoy!!) their scratching post. FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY works by attracting cats in a few ways:

Territory messages

FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY contains cat territory messages that tell your cat that the surface where you put FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY is a suitable place to scratch


For cats that are sensitive to catnip, it helps to attract your cat to the new scratching surface

Blue color

When cats scratch, their scratch marks provide visual territorial messages. The blue color in the Feliscratch product (which fades in intensity over time) mimics the scratch marks that a cat makes when “drawn”on the new surface.

My Trial of Feliscratch

A little background on my scratching cat

One of my foster cats, Maggie, is a stray – and we think she’s probably about 8-9 years old. I suspect she had never been introduced to an indoor scratching post. She likely used a tree outdoors as her scratching post. Upstairs, Maggie has taken a liking to a big, oversized chair that is upholstered in microfiber. Side note: Microfiber holds up remarkably well to scratching!

In the same room as the chair, I have a tall, sturdy scratching post, an angled scratching surface and two flat/horizontal cardboard scratching surfaces for her to choose from. She prefers the chair. (Of course she does!) Downstairs, Maggie enjoys shredding my husband’s leather couch that he has had since we were married (which I don’t mind at all since I’d like a new couch). I also placed an angled, carpeted scratching post near the couch.

How I started with Feliscratch

I added the FELISCRATCH as directed over several weeks and ALSO sprayed the chair and couch with Feliway Classic.  I moved the angled, carpeted scratching post upstairs and put the FELISCRATCH on it. At the same time, I sprayed the chair regularly with FELIWAY CLASSIC.

The Results – Does Feliscratch Work?

The results have been great, but I want to warn everyone that results do not happen overnight. To be successful, you have to be diligent in following the instructions.

It has been about 6 weeks since we started and so far, Maggie has drastically reduced scratching the microfiber chair and I have seen her scratch the carpeted post a several times! I give her a treat and praise her every time I see her scratching the post to give her positive reinforcement. My other cats who have loved their various scratching posts and surfaces continued to use their old posts and the new one. FELISCRATCH had no (negative) effect on them.

How Feliscratch Works

I was (and continue to be) pleasantly surprised by how well both the FELISCRATCH and FELIWAY CLASSIC spray are working. The pheromones in the spray tell Maggie that the chair is a happy place and that her scratching isn’t necessary to make it “happier” if that makes sense. Cats will scratch surfaces to deposit pheromones and mark them with these “happy pheromones.” In Maggie’s case, the spray is now signaling to her that she doesn’t need to scratch that area because it’s already a happy place.

The FELISCRATCH is telling Maggie that the post is the place that she should scratch with both the visual marking of the blue dye and the smell of the catnip+pheromones in the FELISCRATCH formula.

See what happens!! SCROLL through the pics!

What’s next in keeping Maggie from scratching

I’ll continue to monitor Maggie’s scratching and if she decides to go back to the couch, we may consider covering a scratching post with microfiber cloth so that she has a post with a substrate that she enjoys scratching. I will also add a few other carpeted scratching posts/pads, shelves, etc around my home so that she has a place that she finds enjoyable to scratch.

All in all, I would highly recommend FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY.  If you are introducing a new cat or kitten into your home, it’s an opportunity to train your cat early on. Always place scratching surfaces in rooms where your cat(s) hang out and if they are particularly attracted to a piece of your furniture, be sure to offer your cat a scratching surface (thats/he likes!) near that piece of furniture. Remember – you may have to experiment with a lot of variations to find what your cat likes.

And it should go without saying – but never, ever, discipline your cat for scratching– it’s a normal and healthy behavior and your cat should be encouraged to do it.

Still need help steering your cat to the right scratching surface?

You’re in luck! Ceva, the makers of Feliway and Feliscratch, offers help to owners that call their Product Support Team at 800-999-0297.  The call in answered by licensed technicians and if needed can be escalated to a veterinarian or a board certified behaviorist.

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