Whisker fatigue. The struggle is real.

Whiskers may be more important that you thought…

The whiskers on your cat are extraordinarily sensitive and have nerve endings near the root/follicle area. These sensitive hairs help your cat get a better sense of its surroundings. Whiskers can help your cat sense a change in weather, a nearby predator, or if your kitty can fit into a tight space. Whiskers are particularly helpful in the dark of night to help your cat see and sense predators better.

Whiskers aren’t just on your cat’s muzzle either. If you take a closer look, you’ll see whiskers above your cat’s eyes, it’s ears, and even on the back of its legs. Cats often will brush their faces up on objects to mark their territory with pheromones…and at the same time, they can sense the texture and size of an object with their whiskers.

You can also tell a lot about your cat just by observing his whiskers. When a cat is relaxed, you’ll notice his/her whiskers pointing away from the face. Conversely, when your cat is tense, you may see the whiskers pulled inward against the face.

Dr. Catsby to the Rescue!

Dr. Catsby developed the Whisker Relief Bowl to help your cat eat more comfortably – and ultimately provide relief from whisker fatigue. The bowl is more shallow than traditional cat food bowls. The benefit is that your cat’s whiskers don’t continually rub up against the food bowl causing discomfort.

According to Dr. Catsby, “there are many signs of whisker fatigue including:

  • Leaving food in the bowl, but your cat is still hungry
  • Pulling food out of the bowl with their mouth or paw to eat off the floor
  • Leaving a mess behind on the floor
  • Only eating from the center of the bowl
  • Acting aggressively toward other animals in the house during mealtime
  • Standing by the bowl before eating for a period of time, pacing around the bowl, or being hesitant to eat, though hungry”
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Our Results?

We tried out the Dr. Catsby bowl and I can tell you there wasn’t a lick of food left. The bowl is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and very sanitary. It comes with a non-slip mat so that the bowl stays in place while your cat is eating. Using a stainless steel bowl has other benefits, like reducing feline acne which is often caused by bacteria more prevalent in plastic and some ceramic bowls. Finally, this bowl is shallow, so you aren’t likely to overfeed your cat while using it.

Want to try it? You can purchase a Dr. Catsby Whisker Relief Bowl on Amazon.com.

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