Forty-five percent of pet bowls have E. Coli, Salmonella, and/or yeast/mold according to the company, Clean Healthy BOWLS. Even more frightening, 75% of pet bowls still had Salmonella after scrubbing with soap and water and still, more shocking, 67% of pet bowls still had Salmonella after being washed by a dishwasher! Mark Talt, founder of Clean Healthy BOWLS was inspired to find a solution.

Clean Healthy BowlsCLEAN

To improve and optimize your pet’s health, particularly in multi-pet households, Clean Healthy BOWLS are a compelling product to keep your pet and your home safe from dangerous bacteria. The company makes bowls, small litter boxes and large litter boxes. We put them to the test and they are a great alternative to your standard pet bowls. They are economical too. Have a bunch on hand in the event of a disaster so your pet has clean, safe and compostable bowls at the ready.


Wondering about the waste? Not to worry. Clean Healthy BOWLS are made from wheat straw, so they are non-allergenic, gluten-free and 100% compostable. Wheat straw is the leftover byproduct of wheat after the juice and grain have been stripped away. It’s also a sustainable plant source and alternative to paper bowls made from trees. So go ahead and throw them away when your pet has finished eating. In addition to the bowls, they make litter boxes! Now you can change the litter box more often because they make it easy and economical to do so. Use the bowls or litter boxes alone or use them as liners.

cat-eating-out-of-bowl-1FLEXIBLE DESIGN

The bowls and litter boxes were extremely sturdy, a pleasant surprise as I was expecting something flimsy, along the lines of a paper plate.  These bowls can hold liquid or solids, be heated up to 200° farenheit and microwaved or frozen.


Bowls are very safe for your pet. They are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and gluten-free! If your cat has allergies, these bowls are a great option.