It’s a well-known fact that “cat-people” are owned by their cats. We love them, feed them, play with them… and find their cat antics to be irresistibly cute. For example, when they knock things off countertops, sleep in the sink, destroy rolls of toilet paper, sleep on our heads, and pounce on our feet at night… this is what it means to be owned by a cat, and being its pet human.

Meet Oliver, a stray cat that enjoys the freedom from having to manage a human. He roams the neighborhood and knows the best places to eat, sleep and play with friends. Problem is, Oliver is always being chased by the pesky Animal Control man… but Oliver has been successful at eluding the animal control guy his entire life by following his first rule “Stay alert.”


One day, Oliver meets a young girl that moved into an empty house that he used to visit and decides he will try “owning a human” since all of the other neighborhood pets seem to like it. Oliver experiences all sorts of things human…some good, some not so pleasant, like baths. But things work out for him until one day, he’s roaming outside and gets swiped by animal control… but don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.

My Pet Human, by Yasmine Surovec, is a fun and entertaining read for children of all ages…and even big kids like me. It teaches kids to love and appreciate their pets, and that outdoor life can be dangerous for cat. Bottom line? Life as a cat is much better when you own a human.You may recognize her name from the popular and hilarious comic Cat vs. Human. My Pet Human will be available on starting August 4th.

Since this is a children’s book, I had my 11-year old niece read it and write a review. Overall, she found it to be a fun, quick read that is very heartwarming tale.

My Pet Human Book Review by Avery R., age 11
Are you a pet human? I really enjoyed the book My Pet Human because it was cute, funny, and a short little comic book. If you’re a person who loves cats and likes to read comics, I suggest you read the book My Pet Human by Yasmine Surovec. I think the book exemplifies real life cat behavior. For example, I thought it was very funny when Oliver (the cat) thought the printer was a game. A lesson I learned from this book is that you should always care for animals no matter what. Never abuse or ignore your animals. Every cat is extraordinarily special in each and every way. I thought that Oliver was very unique because he knew how to train humans to get things he wanted. I wonder what it would be like if cats really did rule the world…