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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at Meow MeetUp Chicago?Kat2019-03-03T19:59:34-06:00

You can expect to have a lot of fun. If you’re interested in:

  • Learning – There are plenty of speakers and panels that will be presenting and debating the latest issues affecting cats!
  • Experiencing – We’ll have plenty of workshops for you to attend – just be sure to sign up for these classes early as attendance will be limited.
  • Cats – We’ll have several areas and opportunities for visitors to see adoptable cats including our adoption lounge, kitty yoga sessions and cat café. Note that due to demand, and the limited number of spaces available, many of these events will require an additional ticket purchase in addition to you general admission. Children under 17 will not be permitted into any cat sessions without being accompanied by an adult.
  • Cat Celebrities – You’ll have the opportunity to meet local Chicago Cat Celebrities through Meet & Greets. Once again, spaces will be very limited so be sure to get your ticket early to ensure your space.
When is Meow MeetUp Chicago?TheCatnipTimes.com2019-03-03T19:34:59-06:00

Saturday, July 20, 2019 and Sunday, July 21, 2019

Where is Meow MeetUp Chicago?TheCatnipTimes.com2018-02-19T10:21:30-06:00

Meow MeetUp Chicago is located at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center:

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

5555 N. River Rd.

Rosemont, IL 60018

Will there be cats there?Kat2019-03-03T19:55:24-06:00

Yes! One of our goals is to find qualified adoptable homes for as many cats as possible, so to that end, we will have adoptable cats featured in our Adoption Lounge, our Kitty café and in our Kitty Yoga sessions. Due to the popularity of these activities and in order to make the cats as comfortable as possible, we will have to limit traffic into these areas. A small fee will be required for the Kitty Café and the Kitty Yoga Sessions. No fee will be required to visit the adoption lounge, but we will be limiting the number of visitors to avoid overwhelming the cats who are already probably a little freaked out because they are in a new environment.

Can I bring my cat?Kat2019-03-03T19:58:33-06:00

Sorry, no. For the safety of your cat and the public, we don’t allow any cats to this event unless they are part of the event (meet & greets, adoptions, etc.). The convention center is a huge venue with tons of traffic.  With all sorts of strange people, noises and smells – we don’t want any cat to be uncomfortable or freaked out – and as you know, cats are creatures of habit and enjoy the quiet and safety of your own home. Not to worry though, there are plenty of cats to see at Meow MeetUp!

Note: If you bring your cat, we will have to ask you to leave – and we don’t want to have to do that…but you’ve been warned.

Who should attend Meow MeetUp Chicago?Kat2018-02-19T10:21:46-06:00

Anyone who loves cats and wants to celebrate that love with others who are equally excited about cats!

Is the event suitable to children?Kat2019-03-03T20:00:24-06:00

Yes! We think kids will enjoy this family-friendly environment. Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Most activities will be suitable for kids, but some workshops and other events may be limited to adult-only audiences – like cat yoga – where there is an expectation of a quiet atmosphere.

Do proceeds go to charity?Kat2019-03-03T19:54:10-06:00

Yes. A portion of our profits will go to local rescues and cats in need. Additionally, we are donating $5 out of every full-price ticket sold through a rescue to that rescue. It’s one simple way to ensure that our local rescues are reaping the benefits of this event – even if they aren’t in attendance! Last year, we raised over $10,000 and donated over 16,000 cans of food to homeless cat and pets in need.


Will there be celebrities there?Kat2019-03-03T19:37:05-06:00

Yes – mostly of the local variety!

  • Chuck the Duck – Local cat celebrity Chuck the Duck (Instagram @Chuck.the.Duck) will be doing limited meet and greets! You’ll get to meet Chuck and his human, Cody. They are working on a super-cute book with other cats of Instagram celebrity cats that you won’t want to miss!
  • Sinbad the Survivor – Sinbad (Instagram @sinbadthesurvivor) is another local Chicago cat celebrity, most known for the horrible neglect he endured before being saved by the Anti-Cruelty Society. Sinbad was found with five pounds of matted and filthy fur and in horrible condition before Elliot, his cat dad, adopted him. Sinbad got a second chance at life and the two help raise funds for cats in need.
  • The Meowsters are a pair of sassy sphynx kitties that are other local Chicago Cat-lebrities from Instagram. If you sign up for their meet & greet, you’ll get to meet Lily and Eddy Meownster (Instagram @the.meownsters), probably wearing one of their pawesome outfits by @sphynxswag

Other celebrities to be announced.

How do I get to Meow MeetUp Chicago?Kat2018-02-11T22:34:30-06:00

One of the key benefits of holding the Meow MeetUp Chicago at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center is the accessibility and choices that are available to visitors – from hotels, transportation, restaurants and shopping – you’ll find that all of these resources are within walking distance from the convention center.

  • Parking is available both valet and self-park near the Convention Center
  • Airport – Chicago O’Hare Airport is 4 minutes from the Convention Center.
  • Hotels – Nearly 20 hotels surround the convention center property or are just up the road. The hotels closest to the convention center are:
    • The Embassy Suites Chicago – O’hare/Rosemont
    • Hilton Rosemont Chicago O’hare
    • Hyatt Rosemont
    • Lowes Chicago O’hare
    • The Westin O’hare
  • Transportation
    • From Chicago, residents can take the Blue Line to Cumberland and then take an Uber or Cab for a couple of short miles to the Convention Center
    • Driving – The Convention Center is conveniently accessible from I-294, I-94 and I-90 by exiting at N. River Road
    • Flying – O’hare Airport is 4 minutes away and most of the hotels offer free transportation to and from the airport and to/from the convention center.
Questions about Press Passes?Kat2018-02-11T22:34:15-06:00

Yes, but you’ll need approval first. We will have a press room available for approved reporters. Please submit your applications for approval.

Want an interview? Please contact us.


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