Save Ralph Campaign Seeks To End Cosmetic Animal Testing

How important is beauty to you? Is beauty skin deep? How would you feel if you knew that that new skin cream you just bought was tested on animals in inhumane ways before it made it to the shelf where you purchased it?

The new short film, “Save Ralph” was created by the Humane Society of the United States and features and all-star cast. It aims at shining a light at the cruelty that goes on in labs every single day where animals are used as testing subjects – many extremely painful and where the animal never makes it out alive. Many methods for testing cosmetics exist that do not involve animals, are less expensive and more reliable when it comes to human outcomes. So why is this barbaric practice of animal testing still happening? Essentially, because we allow it to happen.

I had the pleasure of being included on the screening of “Save Ralph” earlier this week and it’s really great. Please watch this short film “Save Ralph” and then think: Are you contributing to this problem or are you trying to help?

Tips for how you can help are below the film.

Oscar winner Taika Waititi is the voice of Ralph, who is being interviewed for a documentary as he goes through his daily routine as a “tester” in a lab.

“I’m a tester. My daddy was a tester, my mom, my brothers, my sisters, my kids. All testers,” he tells a documentary filmmaker voiced by actor and animal advocate Ricky Gervais. Ralph tells his interviewer that he is “doing it for the humans,” so long as “just one human can have the illusion of a safer lipstick or deodorant,” regardless of his own personal suffering.

Tips To Avoid Cosmetics Tested On Animals

Read labels. Cosmetics that don’t test on humans will proudly display “Not tested on animals” or “Cruelty-Free” or “Leaping Bunny Certified.” Note that some products say “Finished product not tested on animals” means that ingredients in the unfinished product may have been tested on animals.

Vote with your dollars. Support companies that are certified cruelty-free. Check out this post about products that are cruelty-free.

Donate. Support the Humane Society as they push for legislation to get this barbaric practice put to an end around the world – which is no small feat. Many countries view animals differently than we do in the United States. However because the U.S. are some of the largest consumers of these products, testing and manufacturing processes will change when the money and customers who support them disappear.

Educate. Check out the Leaping Bunny list of companies that are certified cruelty-free and support those company.

Share. Please share this post with your friends and family. Many people simply aren’t aware of the cruel practices that exist to bring products from brands you know and love to the market.=

Find Alternatives. When you start noticing that those products do not have “cruelty-free” on them, you know that you’re supporting a brand that is likely testing on animals. There are so many great alternatives today, why not try something new and cruelty-free?=