Cats are known to be somewhat lackadaisical creatures (there’s a reason we call it a catnap), but it’s part of what makes us love them so much. After all, there’s much to admire about a cat lying belly up in a square of sun. While pretty much every cat enjoys a good afternoon lounge session, there are some breeds that are known to be more laidback than others. Read on to learn who makes the list!

American Shorthair

Laidback factor: 7-9

American Shorthairs are patient and loving cats, and they’re great for households with children and/or other pets, including dogs! They’re social lap cats, but they’re okay to be on their own, too.

British Shorthair

Laidback factor: 6-8

These purrfectly plump-faced, smiley cats tend to be quiet and calm, with a sort of regal demeanor. They’re great cats if you work long hours as they are happy to entertain themselves. That said, they will be glad to see you return at the end of the day. They love to be admired from a distance, meaning they’ll be a bit squirmy if you try to pick them up or put them in your lap.

Maine Coon

Laidback factor: 9-10

The Maine Coon is truly a gentle giant. They have a reputation for being friendly, intelligent and independent, though they do love to be around people. If you have one, you can probably attest to the fact that they’ll follow you around from room-to-room just to hang out with you, and may even enjoy a good game of fetch, leading many to consider them as dog-like. They have a very manageable energy, and generally just want to love and be loved back!


Laidback factor: 7-9

These beautiful cats have a higher tendency to be affectionate than energetic, but that doesn’t make them a slouch! They’ll run and play with other cats or with you, and they like interactive toys. They’re also very keen to just keep to themselves and seek you out when they’re looking for some extra attention. Many Birmans don’t actually want to be an only cat, so they’ll be great if you have kids or other pets.


Laidback factor: 8-10

Much like the Maine Coon, Ragdolls have a tendency to follow their owners around as they just want to be near you, whether that be at your feet, in your lap, or just lazing about in your office while you work. They also tend to be land lovers, so if you need a cat who won’t need rescuing from atop the fridge, the Ragdoll may be for you! That doesn’t mean they’re not playful, though, so don’t hesitate to throw their toys around and interact with them. You’ll see where they get their name when you pick them up – many Ragdolls will turn to mush in your arms!

These are just five cat breeds who are known to be laidback, but there are many more to learn about! And, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, cats’ personalities can vary greatly – no matter the breed. It’s always best to meet a cat in person to make sure you have a connection because the mere breed name is not a guarantee of personality. You might have a cat whose breed is known to be high-energy, yet yours is a little Zen master. Or, you might be the loving owner of a cat from our list who could swear your cat sleeps with one eye open, always ready for their next big adventure.

If you’re interested in making one of the breeds mentioned above a member of your family, please consider adoption as your first option! A great place to start is by contacting nearby shelters to see if they currently have any cats that have the personality characteristics you’re looking for. You can also check out Petfinder, where you can search for any cat breed and it will show you all the adoptable cats of that breed or who have similar breed characteristics/traits near you.