Get your cat grooming tools and brushes out – you’ll definitely be needing your FURminator
for these cats. If you love fluffy, long-haired cats, be sure that you are prepared to take care of their beautiful coats. If these cats are not cared for properly, they can develop mats in their coats that can pull at their skin and become quite painful. Oftentimes, mats need to be removed by a groomer or veterinarian. Responsible pet ownership means you are prepared to care for the daily needs of your pet. Before committing to a long-haired breed, be sure you are dedicated to caring for it.

Also, instead of going directly to a breeder, please be sure to check out your local animal shelters, rescues and sources like You will be surprised to find lots of fluffy cats, sometimes full-breeds and sometimes mixed breeds that are just as beautiful and sweet and in need of loving homes.

Without further adieu, these are the five fluffiest cat breeds:


Maine Coons

Maine Coon’s are the official cat of the state of Maine and have been dubbed the “Gentle Giant” of the domesticated cat world. These cats love all attention and always want to be with you. Maine Coon’s are robust cats and are regal in appearance. They have coats that vary in length and usually have long, bushy tails. Their coats are also silky and somewhat oily, but they require some brushing to maintain their coats, but because Maine Coons are so social, they usually enjoy being groomed.

Main coon cat, sitting, isolated on white

Norwegian Forest Cats

The Norwegian Forest Cat is moderately active and super smart cat. Overall, they make great companions. They have a waterproof insulated double coat that was designed to withstand Scandinavian winters. Norwegian Forest Cats have long fluffy coats and surprisingly, they don’t require as much maintenance as some other long-haired cats.

Norwegian Forest Cats are fluffy



Persians are known for their long flowing coats and sweet personalities. The Persian was the number one breed named by the Cat Fancier Association for more than 30 Years, and was just unseated in 2014 by the Exotic. In 2014, the Persian took the number two spot for most popular cat. Keep Persians indoors and protected from the elements. Their coats need constant grooming and attention.  Persians require a lot of maintenance.

Persian Cats are sweet



The ragdoll is a real people-lover. They are very loyal, often with seemingly dog-like behavior. They are known for greeting their owners at the door and following them around wherever they go. Ragdolls have semi-long coats that require some brushing with a steel comb to keep them looking their best!



The Siberian is a durable cat that is both courageous and laid back. Their beautiful coats repel water, have a beautiful ring of fur (ruff) around the neck, full fluffy legs and a bright bushy tail. They require moderate brushing, and usually remain tangle-free. They are hearty cats, as one might imagine having originated in Russia and coming to the United States after the cold war ended in June 1990. Many believe that the Siberian is a hypo-allergenic cat, though this has not been proven scientifically.

Siberian cat, furry, fluffy female


On a side note…

After losing my cat to cancer in 2003, I was in search of a companion for my extremely skittish domestic long-haired tabby (also a fabulous, low-maintenance fluffy cat). Using Petfinder, I found a feral, ragdoll mix at a rescue in Indiana, 50 miles away. Knowing the personalities of ragdolls and still wanting to rescue, I thought he would make the perfect companion. Today the two are inseparable. The ragdoll-mix breed, even though originally feral, was the perfect mate for my other shy cat and I have never regretted the decision to choose adoption as my first option. They are the two most loving, loyal cats anyone could want.

Do you have a fluffy cat? What other fluffy cat would you add to the list? Did you have a great rescue story to share? We’d love to hear about it!


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