According to a new book by Arden Moore, author of “Fit Cat: Tips and Tricks to Give Your Pet a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life”, the geometry of a cat’s face can reveal it’s general personality.  This is particularly helpful for gaining insights into your cat if it isn’t a purebred or if you just want a stronger bond with your cat, or if searching for your next feline companion.  Arden breaks down the various shapes into three CATegories:

  1. Round: Think Persian/Himalayan.  These cats tend to be quiet, shy and loyal. Once you develop a bond, they will never leave your side.  Cats with round faces are ideal for people who share similar purrsonalities – living quiet lives, without too much excitement.
    Cat face in round shape

    Round Shaped Cat Face

  2. Square:  Think Maine Coone or Norwegian Forest Cat.  These cats tend to be independent.  They are not easily excited, so homes with a lot of excitement including busy families with dogs and kids suit them well.  Cats with square faces do just fine being left home while you’re away at work – but they’re happy to see you when you get home.