According to a new book by Arden Moore, author of “Fit Cat: Tips and Tricks to Give Your Pet a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life”, the geometry of a cat’s face can reveal it’s general personality.  This is particularly helpful for gaining insights into your cat if it isn’t a purebred or if you just want a stronger bond with your cat, or if searching for your next feline companion.  Arden breaks down the various shapes into three CATegories:

  1. Round: Think Persian/Himalayan.  These cats tend to be quiet, shy and loyal. Once you develop a bond, they will never leave your side.  Cats with round faces are ideal for people who share similar purrsonalities – living quiet lives, without too much excitement.

    Cat face in round shape

    Round Shaped Cat Face

  2. Square:  Think Maine Coone or Norwegian Forest Cat.  These cats tend to be independent.  They are not easily excited, so homes with a lot of excitement including busy families with dogs and kids suit them well.  Cats with square faces do just fine being left home while you’re away at work – but they’re happy to see you when you get home.
    Maine Coone's have square shaped faces

    Square shaped cat face: Maine Coone


  3. Triangle:  Think Abyssinian, Siamese, Sphynx, Burmese. These cats are really outgoing and the life of the party.  They are very vocal and are more interested in the action going on around them than sitting on your lap.  Cat’s with triangular faces tend to be more dominant and will be present while you’re entertaining with friends and family.
Siamese cats have triangle faces

Triangle Cat Face: Siamese

This book is about so much more than cat personalities – there is great information for caring for and enriching your cat’s life.  “Fit Cat: Tips and Tricks to Give Your Pet a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life”offers other tips and interesting information including how to travel with your cat, budgeting, and over a dozen games designed to engage even the laziest of cats.

Fit Cat: Tips and Tricks to Give Your Pet a Longer Healthier, Happier Life


Do your cats fit with these purrsonalities? Are there differences?  Feel free to share your thoughts!